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  • Hold you forever (Fairytail: StiLu/ StiCy)
    273K 7.4K 28

    Lucy Heartfillia, a female mage from the guild: Fairy tail. She vowed to never love again, and focus on becoming stronger. She hopes that she'll forget 'him'; heartbroken by love. She hates males now, the cause: Natsu Dragneel. She only wishes that she could forgive him though............ Sting Eucliffe, a male mage...

  • The Water DragonxThe Fire Dragon(nalu fairytail)
    352K 6.6K 32

    Lisanna comes back from Edolas and Lucy feels invisible. Suddenly Lucy disappears, everyone tries to find her, but fails. Lucy comes back, and she's way more stronger than before. Natsu and Lucy catch up on things and start dating! When an evil man called Checkerface is trying to break them up. He puts them through t...

  • {Editing} When You're Gone [NaLu story]
    1.6K 36 3

    From birth Lucy's fate was sealed, her life would be filled with destruction, tragedy, misfortune, and finally death. But in order to protect the people she loves, she needs to change her fate. With the help of some new allies and the Fairy Tail guild, she will fight to the end and destroy the darkness that lies ahead...

  • Forced To Be With You
    772K 28.3K 32

    Lucy Heartfilia, one of the most popular girls in Magnolia High. Also very rich. Natsu Dragneel, most popular jock in Fairy Tail High. Also very rich. Perfect couple you say... They would be if they didn't hate eachother. But soon they are forced to be together. Why? Read and find out. NaLu Fan Fiction

  • Summer and Light (NaLu Oneshots)
    217K 6.8K 15

    Different Collection of NaLu oneshots, All Compiled Into One!

  • nalu A new ife
    2.5K 46 1

  • The Dragon Princess (A NaLu Fanfiction)
    926K 28.9K 40

    Lucy has a big secret that only Wendy knows. She doesn't want to tell the others especially Natsu because she is afraid that they might get involved. But an unexpected event will happen. Because of this, Lucy, together with Wendy and Charles, is forced to leave Fairy Tail and her friends to go to the Dragon Realm to t...

  • Lucys Willing Choice ( Fairy tail Nalu fan fiction )
    80.3K 2K 14

    This is a Nalu Fairy tail fan fiction ! featuring Lisanna and Sting ;) Once Lisanna returned from Eldoros , Natsu wants to make up the time he's lost with her by ..... Lucy is heart broken and decides to go back to the Heartfilia estate, to ..... WARNING : ITS A TWISTED ASS STORY !

  • The princess of the dragons (might be a NaLu book)
    13.7K 243 4

    Lucy heartfellia is just a celestial wizard but what if there is a big secret that she and some others are hiding

  • The Emotionless Girl (Discontinued)
    19.9K 791 19

    I just returned to my home town. Looking around memories began to flood through my head like a faucet had just been turned on. Oh how I miss my friends. Shaking my head I came back to reality. Lucy Heartifilia Is the name. I play the role of the Emotionless girl in this story my parents just enrolled me to an Academy...

  • Finding Lucy
    16.6K 615 8

    What will happen to Fairy Tail when Lucy is killed? How will Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy move forward? But is Lucy really dead? Read to find out! Thank you for your votes and comments!