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  • The Last Werewolf (Vidar #1) | ONC2021 Grand Winner
    7.4K 1.2K 24

    [ONC 2021 Grand Winner] After the events of Ragnarök, the God Vidar has settled in the nice and quiet city of Antwerp where he keeps an eye on the local paranormal community. Nearly a millennium later, Vidar is a grumbling bookstore owner by day and a lazy paranormal detective by night (albeit a slightly furry one dur...

  • Almond (ONC2021)
    1.3K 336 11

    {ONC2021 2nd Place Overall, Round Two Ambassador Picks & Shortlist} When Max O'Brien receives an almond with a skull painted on it, he initially plays it off as a prank. But, after his wife leaves town, he begins discovering more of the nuts hidden around the house. More disturbing than that is that some unseen intrud...

  • BioSynth | ONC 2021 WINNER | MM Romance | Sci-Fi | Complete
    12.8K 1.6K 20

    [ONC 2021 WINNER: 3rd place] When a car accident reveals a shocking secret even he didn't know about himself, an android finds himself hunted by his own husband. BioSynth is one half of a duology of novellas. Both follow the same sequence of events from different PoVs. BioSynth is Quentin's tale; SynTracker is Ian's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carmela + Amos
    58.6K 5.3K 25

    Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never met? When Amos Castillo buys a vintage guitar at a pawnshop, he has no idea that what's inside the hard leather case is more than just a guitar. After finding a hidden compartment filled with journal entries, he becomes absorbed by Carmela's sex, drugs, and rock...

    2.7K 282 11

    A HEIST GONE WRONG. A GANG SHATTERED. Volya Angelov, known by the public as the Priest for his cult-like following, knows how to make a deal and take what's rightfully his. He and his criminal prodigies have siphoned Gorod Krestov's wealth for years and are slowly draining the city's slums with their profits. Yet when...