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  • The Drug In Me Is You [BoyxBoy]
    121K 1.9K 19

  • I Fell In Love With My Teacher (boyxboy) {on hold}
    12.8K 139 8

    I Fell In Love With My Teacher (boyxboy) Spencer is 19 years old 5"10 brown eyes and black hair. Spencer is going to start off his first year of college and away from his hometown where he lived all his life. He is because now he is on his own with friends that care about him and don’t care if he is gay. Unlike his...

  • The boy across the road (a boyxboy romance)
    19.2K 196 32

    Daniel Miller and Jacob Dyer have been best friends since Jacob moved into the house opposite Daniels when they were 5. What Jacob doesn't know is that Daniel is gay and secretly in love with him. Will Daniel tell Jacob and possibly ruin their friendship or give up and continue living a lie?

  • I fell for the Player (boyxboy)
    3K 42 3

    A new pair of students arrive at Waterton High. Brandon and Lily Heir. Brandon is a known gay and Lily is very straight. When both of them fall for the school player (Bradley) there is a new competition between the brother and sister. But all will be decided at a will be victorious and the other heart bro...

  • Book 2:Love Conquers All...Bull Crap! [BoyxBoy]
    169K 3.2K 21

    *Book number 2* *Sequel to Love On The Rocks* Noah has manged to go for months without talking to Josh, but what will happen once Noah and Josh end up going to the same college and Nate is off touring across the country? Will Noah finally admit defeat and get back together with Josh or will Joshes past come to bite h...

  • Acceptance (BoyXBoy)
    195K 3.3K 25

    Arrow has always had trouble understanding his sexuality. Whenever his best friend Paul talks about girls he finds himself wanting to agree but deep inside feels like he doesn’t feel that at all. Arrow is confused and doesn’t complete understand his own feelings and doesn’t plan to tell anyone but that is all about to...

  • I want a bad boy, how much?
    78.6K 1.4K 10

    BoyxBoy Simon Anoyx is rich, he's going to be head of his dad's company, and he's crushing on Palmer. That's right. He's gay. The problem is his dad would disown him if he even thought about another boy like that, let alone palmer. Who is a less than wealthy, manipulating, bad boy. Don't forget he's a major player/m...

  • The Perfect Romance [boyxboy]
    37K 318 16

    Popular, athletic, and secretly gay, Garrett Lace has had a long time crush on the only openly gay student at their school, Kyle Iris. what will happen when they find themselves in the same class, sitting next to each other and being told to get to know one another? Will Garrett explain why he's the only other guy in...