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  • A Little Love for Pennies | ✓
    679 115 12

    In the midst of repeating his second year in a chaotic Computer Science degree, missing his older brother's funeral, and somehow winding up in a brothel one night with no desire to be touched, Vignesh Vadivazhagan -- aka Vicky -- decides the last thing he'd rather do is sell hugs for some shits and giggles on Tinder...

  • Embrace the Sky | ✔
    2.5K 422 14

    Love is in the air── it has always been── since the day Amaya came into Rae's life, and it has only grown stronger over the years as their boundaries as friends grew some wiggle room. Despite her feelings, Rae has never allowed herself to entertain the idea of breaking the boundaries altogether and turning their relat...

  • Slow and Speedy Win the Fight
    874 154 86

    Haresa Saenin is no stranger to villain antics. They've been doing hero work since the age of five after all. But when an old nemesis enrolls in their high school with a new identity and a hidden plan, they can't help but be vigilant and watch Sheldon Phan's every move. Sheldon wants Haresa to leave him the hell alone...

  • Prometheus (LGBT+) ✔
    3.9K 726 18

    When Dante drinks the blood of a woman with AIDS, his health takes a turn for the worse. His immune system should be infallible, but here he is: every day, he wakes up healthy, only to attract another painful and rare disease during the day that is miraculously cured at night. It is a never-ending cycle and dreams and...

  • Verdant Ink (wlw)
    2.6K 488 14

    The Alliance's top galactic terraformer, Pelin Demir, uses state-of-the-art biotech to transform barren rocky planets into lush habitable ecosystems. Seeking escape from a dying Earth and a tragic past, Pelin has devoted a decade to serving the Alliance in the seemingly-endless galactic turf war between post-Earth hum...

    Completed   Mature
  • Roatan Plunge | Love Travels #2
    1.9K 257 26

    Lorena Martinez is tired of games. After a revolving door of ridiculous men playing her like a fiddle, Lorena had her life built on something more stable: her job. And it was going just fine until she got fired. With nothing to lose, she takes a shot at her dream role as a travel agent and writer. Instead of an inter...

  • Red Rover | gxg | Wattys 2023 Shortlist | ✔
    93.1K 9K 45

    [Complete. Wattys 2023 Shortlister] The Redding takes you if it knows your name. That's the rule that's kept Meg alive -- or awake, rather -- since the night the world went to hell. Nobody knows where the red stuff came from, but it acts like water, it's in the water, and it falls as rain every night. The people it ca...

  • Lilith [editing]
    345 107 11

    Lilith storms the Heavens to demand her rightful place from the gods but finds much more than she could've bargained for. With the gods having disappeared, Eve finding faults in the Garden of Eden and an angel who doesn't really belong, Lilith might just realize that the home she's fighting for might not be so perfec...

  • Good Old Boys
    784 122 29

    William Poulet lost a bet and has to accept the very first teaching job he's offered. Now he's teaching at a Military Academy he'd never applied to, in a State where gay porn is a popular download yet it's still anti-LGBT+. One night a friend of a friend sets him up on a disastrous blind date, until a cadet's hunky fa...

  • Koa's Guide on Not Dying
    366 2 1

    Koa isn't your garden-variety vampire. They know more about human biology than any other vampire around. Unfortunately, being the only vampire interested in biology has its drawbacks. When a new disease starts working its way through the vampire community, all hands start to point to Koa as the culprit. Using their lo...

  • Hell's Angel ✔️ (bxb)
    6.5K 876 44

    What could possibly go wrong when a demon who enjoys following the rules and an angel intent on breaking them get assigned to the same human? They end up locking horns and halos. _______ 👿 Featuring a Demon who's not very good at being bad, and an Angel who seems to be doing his job for him. 😈 _______ After graduat...

  • Séa Gets Lucky
    1.8K 330 42

    [While on a rescue mission gone crazed, a holy warrior and a rogue fight bandits, demons, and the urge to rip each other's clothes off.] The mission, rescuing a princess, could be going better. Séa is an earnest paladin, honest and gullible. Tash is a rogue, tricky, greedy, and generally unable to hold down a steady j...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bloodsworn (MxM)
    12K 732 17

    Rowan Marlowe hated three things: his birth name, his father, and feeding on live blood-which was ironic for a vampire. Julien Rosenthal loved three things: sex, blood, and his bodyguard, Rowan Marlowe. Haunted and running from his past, Rowan thought he had found the perfect job as the bodyguard to the tenth vampire...

  • Fallen Angel
    13.1K 1.8K 87

    What happens when Joan of Arc and the Archangel Gabriël break the most important law of the Heavens and declare their love for each other? The divine plan set in motion hundreds of years ago has at long last reached the endgame. *** There is one absolute law all angels must abide by - never fall in love. After she i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mythic Kingdoms
    254 93 12

    The release of the newly developed headset, known as SoulDive, reignites interest in virtual reality massive multiplayer online role-playing games (VRMMORPG). Mythic Kingdoms (MK), a recent game offered on the new console, provides players the opportunity to traverse fantastical worlds inspired by mythologies around t...