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  • Black Bird
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    A break of sunlight casting throughout the fire set aflame in my dark and weary heart |just some short poems I wrote myself| #20 IN POETRY 7/10/2017 | wow. 75k views is unreal. Thank you to everyone. I am so grateful. If you're looking for another poetry book to read, I recommend checking out 100 reasons why i still l...

  • Sweet Decadence
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    [complete; slowly and painfully being edited] Maya has been an addict for ten years. She started abusing Vicodin at the age of eleven and she's buried the secret as to why all this time. She's finally come to the realization that she's failing herself and everything she once believed in is slowly falling apart. Ca...

  • the suicide journal
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    How to talk to a suicide, by a suicide. If you are one, add your own thoughts through private message.