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  • Meeting A New Family in Small Town Georgia
    17.9K 312 13

    You've lived in Small Town Georgia your whole life. Your Mom's a huge fan of Moses McKellan, the big famous football star. One lucky day, your Mom and you finally get to meet Mose and his family when news spread they were visiting in Georgia. What happens when you meet the eldest son? Shaka x Female Reader I'm going t...

  • Friends + More
    58.1K 1.2K 34

    (Book I) Dahlia Davis joins her school's leadership program in hopes of making some more friends, but it's a lot harder than it seems... is she willing to go out of her comfort zone and make new friends?? Or can the right person change how Lia views Friends plus More?! Warnings: **Smut/Rape/Foul Language/Harassme...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost in Lust ✔️
    633K 18.5K 46

    "With the hand that was around her waist, I pulled her towards me and put the other hand around her neck. I kissed her passionately, as if my life depended on it. At first she was stiff and surprised but after I bit her lip, she let me in. She ran her fingers trough my hair and we fought for dominance, juicy and vigor...

  • Damaged
    17.4K 432 19

    His arm circled my waist, his other hand drawing patterns on my neck as he whispered, "I know what you did Ari." I warped my legs around him confused as he proceeded to pull us down and into the water forcing me to hold my breath. When we resurfaced I could see the anger on his face, "Why didn't you tell me?" "There...

  • The Troubleshooter
    53.4K 2.8K 51

    Contains adult themes. 18+ Third story in series. 1. The Collector 2. The Lawyer can be found on my page. Lili has been thrust to the top of the food chain as the new head of the Canossa family. This has made her the most eligible lady in Venice. Much to her displeasure. Lili just wants love. The kind of love that...

  • Taming The Lockwood
    124K 3.4K 26

    "Come in." A gruff voice speaks out in response to my hesitant knock. Anxiety kicks in the moment I can hear him. Oh, come on. Pushing open the door to the lion's den, I find myself immediately met with a pair of piercing, angry green eyes. I swallow. "What do you want?" He snaps. ••• Nora Evans has just graduate...

  • His Love
    410K 11K 43

    "Hunter?" "Bella." Hunter said softly. I backed up against the cold brick wall. "What are you doing?" "Doing what I should've done a long time ago." Sequel to His Assistant I suggest you read the first to understand this book. Started: March. 20, 2018 Finished: June. 17, 2018 Finished Editing: March. 10, 2021

  • Desire ✓ - OLD VERSION
    1.4M 37.3K 51

    Lydia Cruz was the average girl , with a steady job as a waitress and sharing an apartment with her best friend Olivia and living in manhattan . Seth Madden was a powerful cold man , the man meant business when it came to his powerful company . Seth never had time for girls nor did he ever want to get involved in one...

  • The Billionaire's Secret ✓
    626K 20.1K 42

    ᗯᕼᗩT'Տ ᗰᗴᗩᑎT TO ᗷᗴ ᗩᒪᗯᗩYՏ ᖴIᑎᗪՏ IT'Տ ᗯᗩY. Mature themes and strong usage of language Rank #2 Mature ( 02.11.2020) #2 Billionaire ( 06.1.2021 ) #1 office (13. 3. 2021) #2 Addiction (29. 03. 2021) ~ "What the heck are you doing, you big oaf? ", I shouted at him. He has a tight grip on me, I am trying my best to match...

    Completed   Mature
    46.5K 870 23

    Morgan De Luca, a killer, street racer and fighter, just trying to get on with her life after her mother was murdered. She promised she would never fall in love. Leonardo Santiago , the new Italian Mafia Leader, heartless, and possessive. He's not one to do relationships, but has a soft spot for those he loves. What w...

  • Lilah
    64.5M 1.5M 48

    #1 in Young Adult #9 in Badboy #1 in Cold #3 in Goodgirl #1 in Sweetheart #14 in Love *Currently available at Amazon!!!* He'd never met someone with such a bubbly personality. Not to mention the wildness and odd phrases she'd say every five minutes. He hates it. He hates how he can't stay away from it. He hates what s...

  • Secret Children ✔
    49.1K 1K 19

    MATURE CONTENT 18+ Hope Johnson is 18 and has a pretty normal life. its only been her and her mother and her Best friend Riley for as long as she can remeber. Carter Gray is 24 yrs old and the leader of the worlds most feared gang. what happens when Hope goes to a party for the last day of summer?

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia's Love
    165K 3.4K 21

    Ellie, a simple girl who wants a simple life till she got cheated by her own fiance, James. One night she went out with her best friend Holly in hopes to forget about her problems only to face with another. Aiden Black, a Mafia in Seattle, who took a liking towards Ellie, will stop at nothing to get her. ____________...

  • The Gangleader's girl✔️
    357K 6.4K 21

    Sequel Brook POV: I just got my ice cream. I'll just eat it on my way home. It's already dark. So I decided to take a shortcut. As I walked through the dark streets I immediately regret it. I heard voices of course me being stupid once again, I HAD to follow those voices. As i hid behind a dustbin I saw mans with guns...

    Completed   Mature
  • Into You
    4.1K 95 7

    Today is Olivia's dance finals; she is super nervous and to add the pressure there is going to be a surprise celebrity guest on the judging panel...little does she know there might be more in store for her than the grand prize.

  • Just don't (tom ! MOB ! x reader)
    52.8K 918 19

    Tom holland is a cold mob boss who doesn't give a shit about anybody only his best friend Harrison , but when he meet someone it turns his world up side down

    37.8K 353 14

    Smutty story about Tom Holland

  • Replaced
    264K 4.5K 42

    🔴 discontinued🔴 This book is stoped now because I got a lot of hate on this book and I have no time with it because of school the hate comments are getting to me I deleted most of them so please don't read this book if your going to hate !no more updates! ⚠️I don't own any of the pictures they are from Pinterest⚠...

  • Axel's Girl
    4M 102K 50

    Book 3 of New York series (Does not need to be read as a series) His hand travelled further up my thigh causing my skirt to move along with it. I bit my lip even harder. "Now Adalyn ,if I do this, there's no escaping me. You're mine after. No one else. Only mine. Meaning no other man or woman will ever touch you lik...

    Completed   Mature
    424K 8.6K 22

    Armani once had a loving family with her 2 parents,7 brothers and 2 sisters Until she was wrongly accused of murdering her younger brother Everything changed ,her Farther and sibilings abused and neglected her for years until she was finally sent to live with her aunt and uncle After years of being abused and mistr...

  • Our Best Accident
    450K 9.5K 62

    One night can change anyone's life Isabella Reed is sweet, loving, kind and friendly but do not mess with the people she love most Vincent DiCaprio is ruthless, some people call him the devil, he does not do relationships he only humps and dumps One night Isabella went with her friends to a club to have fun but what h...

    1.2M 28.7K 46

    Cariana Sapphire Bianchi is 15 year old living with her alcoholic mother in a small apartment in New York. All she was taught in her life was to go to school, pay bills and fend for herself and her mother that is until her mother died from unknown cause sending her life into a frenzy. Next thing she knows is that she...

    Completed   Mature
    1.3M 35K 95

    Alexa and Alesa Romano are the only daughters of the Romano family They grew up without their 7 brothers.. After the divorce of their parents. Their mother took the only daughters with her and the sons stayed with their father. Alexa grew up away without her twin in a very prestigious famous private school while a...

  • the triplets with walls
    53.3K 860 12

    Triplets get taken from home at age 5 are missing for 12 years latter they made a mistake and their family finds them, when they find them they are not the same week little kids, real family think they have no idea the underground, but they knows more than their family thinks, they put up walls can their so called 'f...

  • Love Lust and Lies
    167K 3.3K 32

    Diana Lopez goes by The black rose, most wanted and known assassin, one of the best. What happens when the famous Dante Santino, mob boss of the Italian-American mafia wants the black rose to work for him to take down a mutual enemy? Will Diana accept or will her stubborn ego reject the help? And most importantly wi...

  • De' Bardi Twins.
    900K 23.8K 41

    Alexander and Alexandrea De' Bardi are the rulers of the underworld. Ever since the night they were born their dirty mother snatched the sleeping babies away. She sold them to a human tracking company. Before the twins could even walk they knew how to throw knives. They are trained to be the world best Assassins. A...

  • The Masked Temptress
    678K 15.5K 24

    The Ferraris, the feared Italian mafia, once had a baby girl. She was going to be the most loved and spoiled girl in the whole world. Chiara, their mother, had other plans though. She took Adrianna away because she thought a young girl shouldn't have to survive in a mafia world. Her father, Stefano, along with all of...

  • Mia Regina (Slow Updates)
    200K 3.9K 51

    Isabella Grace Thompson: A kind girl who has been through so much but still tries to live her life fully. She lost her parents and spent her childhood being beaten and abused. She never had anything easy in her life. Alexander Ensor Knight: A successful billionaire and a ruthless Mafia Don. He is called as 'king of u...

  • Mafia's Long Lost Daughter
    308K 6.3K 26

    After years of being in the foster care system, Xenia finds out that she has a father and brothers. At the age of 16, she is the world's best street fighter, and street racer. Xenia and her six best friends have been through hell and back. What happens when the family is reunited? Will Xenia tell them her Secrets...

  • Her Father. (MAFIA) Completed.
    342K 7.2K 70

    Emeris has been raised by her mother her entire life. She has no idea who her father is and her father doesnt know she exists. Lucia her mother has always taught her to defend herself and to use weapons for when the time comes. She didnt understand until that day came. - -This story has been updated. Some chapters nee...