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  • Her (Harry Potter x Reader)
    3.2M 111K 95

    Two burning hearts that dared to break Remeber, nobody said that it would last forever. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, had always felt as if everyone he loves, he loses. This still applied when he fell head over heals for her. They were what you'd call a perfect tragedy, one of the few fairy tales without a happy en...

  • My North Star (Harry Potter x Y/n)
    82.9K 2.6K 76

    (Year 1 - 3) Y/n goes to hogwarts and become friends with Hermoine, Ron and Harry. Immediately y/n and Harry connect, as friends or something more? Through there years at hogwarts they get to have fun, make memories and occasionally nearly die. Back story of y/n You are born into a pureblood house hold very much like...