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  • Dear Romance...
    161 1

    When Jessica finnaly sees her best friend again she must know what has been happening I'n his life. She finally meets the boys of one direction. When she gets...

  • What Makes You Beautiful
    3.9M 37.5K

    This is the official One Direction Valentine's Day story, a special Valentine’s gift to their Wattpad fans. Here is One Direction's Valentine's wish to the...

  • Fate Has Different Plans
    209K 1.3K

    Bella Hale was your typical small town kind-of-girl. However, her parent's randomly decide to move her entire family to London, England. On the plane ride, she...

  • Was It Love?
    283 8

    When Charlotte brings a new fiance home. Alana falls head over heels for him. Will he react the same way?