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  • Because I Love You (A Larry Spanking Fic)
    82.1K 784 7

    Harry and Louis are a happy couple in love and living together. But when Harry decides to step out of line and go against some of the rules Louis set out for him, the older boy has to take things into his hands and punish Harry for his actions... by taking him over his knee and spanking him. Larry spanking fic

  • Role Models (ODSS)
    1M 14.2K 141

    One Direction has anywhere from 4-5 members (who knows anymore nowadays), who are worldwide famous. When you're famous... you act one of three ways. 1. Role model. Everything you do is sought after and envied. 2. Insane lunatic. Someone should probably put you in a facility, but no one's brave enough. 3. Jerk that...

  • a 1D spanking story(completed) no longer writing
    437K 5.2K 63

    For those who keep commenting the words are misspelled, stop. I know they are, I just don't care enough to fix them. the one direction guys have all one the X factor and they decided to live together. Louis and Zayn become fed up of the younger ones behavior and decided to spank them when they get in trouble.

  • One Direction Spanking Story
    254K 2.8K 43

    The boys life at home (pretend they are still liveing together)

  • The Days Of Our Lives
    254K 1.6K 32

    The five boys live in one house together because they think of each other as family. They've become really close after going through the X-Factor together and being their own band for a year now. Louis is the oldest at the age of 21, and Zayn is the next oldest at the age of 20. Liam, Niall, and Harry are all 16. Now...

  • One Direction Spanking (Fiction)
    25.9K 283 16

    When the boys won't stop fighting everytime and adding with Liam's unbearable attitude, Zayn and Louis know that's they have to do something about it and that's when they came up of the idea to spank them to keep the boys in line... WARNING: This story contains spanking so if you don't feel comfortable or like readi...