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  • Addict In Black ✔
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    USER SERIES 1 Micah Rex: He's handsome, dangerous, reckless. An addict. When he walks into a room, people notice. People are scared of him, people don't look him in the eye. AJ Ferro: She's cute, nice respectful. A helper. When she walks in a room, people usually get flowers. People love her, people want to be her fri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sloan
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    Sloan, that's what everybody calls her. The girl that's rude to everyone, the girl who doesn't talk to anyone except her group of friends, the girl who hates anything and everything. Issac thinks there's more to it than that. He thinks everyone just sees the surface. He wants to see further, not just what's on the su...

  • 𝐅𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝
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    ❝She didn't need to be saved. She needed to be found and appreciated for everything she was.❞ ••• April Adair is a confident yet opinionated 17-year-old girl living trapped in a cynical society that never fails to discriminates and pry open the secrets of others. When alone, April tries, but always fails to drown in a...

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    poetry // prose ( trigger warning. blood / suicide mentions & death hints ) [ ranked 8th in deep thinking 31/5/21 ] [ ranked 19 in poetry collection 13/6/21 ] [ ranked 101 in poetry 7/6/21 ]

  • BOUND BY BULLETS ✓ [ editing ]
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    In loving memory of Alexis Silva. my best friend who took her life on 24/3/20. rest in peace. [BOOK 1] ❝ she was a weapon meant to fight death. no emotions, detached thinking and the face of an angel ❞ alex. the worlds first human clone and the last. designed to kill who, there and then no matter what the situation. ...

    Completed   Mature