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  • Tour Through A Lens (Waterparks; AK)
    4.7K 179 2

    Haley a 21 Year Old Photographer Gets A Mystery Envelope With One Ticket To The End The Madness Tour. Who Sent It? Will She Screw Everything Up? Will Something Bad Happen Along The Way? Does Somebody Else Know Something That She Doesn't? Read To Find Out...

  • Lost in those Green Eyes (Peter Pan/OUAT)
    47.9K 1.1K 13

    "If you have it [love], you don't need to have anything else, and if you don't have it, it doesn't matter much what else you have."J.M. Barrie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Do you want to leave? Go home?" Peter asked. Her emerald eyes opened and focused on his, penetrating his soul. "Home? I have no plac...

  • Hide And Seek ~ Josh Dun
    927K 33.8K 93

    "Are you lost?" "I like to think of it as a horrible game of hide and seek." ~ |-/ Disclaimer : I do not own Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, Jenna Joseph or anyone related to Twenty One Pilots. I also do not own any of their songs or lyrics.

  • prove me wrong || JoshDun.
    21.5K 781 6

    "And I don't believe love's for me, so won't you come around and prove me wrong."

  • Cupid's Match : CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 1
    54.7M 2.6M 83

    [IN BOOKSTORES NOW!] What if you were matched with the original love god? --- When Lila goes to the Cupids Matchmaking Service it is to tell them to stop spamming her. Instead she finds out that cupids are real, she has been matched with a dangerous love god, and that he is coming to find her. Soon arrows fly, myths...

  • The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me
    74.8M 2.2M 35

    Reece smirked, "Trust me Chloe, the Good Girl always falls for the Bad Boy." Chloe Armel is a Good Girl. She never gets in trouble, gets excellent grades and is loved by everyone. Enter Reece. Wild, badass and has an ego that honestly couldn't get any bigger. He gets into fights, breaks every single rule and couldn't...

  • Mr. Hemmings
    795K 14.5K 30

    Aubrey met the man of her dreams at a club. little did she know that he would be her new math teacher

  • OUT OF MY LIMIT | Luke Hemmings
    2.3M 61.4K 50

    Meet Avery Williams. The average high school girl. She's a bit of a dork, but has a punk rock quirk to her that people are unaware of. When she's forced to tutor sporty Luke hemmings, will they crash or collide?

  • The Player's Game [Louis T. AU]
    126K 3.8K 37

    Entering into her Sophomore year of college, the last person Chelsea wants to run into is the campus bad boy, Louis Tomlinson. He spends his time at college partying and breaking girls hearts. Meanwhile, Chelsea would rather stay in her room studying and keeping to herself. But when Louis takes notice of Chelsea, he t...

  • Fake Dating my Bestfriend Shawn Mendes
    3.3M 69K 44

    "It's fake, what could go wrong?" You'd be surprised. || Highest ranking: Under FanFiction #19 Under 'Shawn Mendes' #12 10/8/19 - Camila will not be in this story. No need to bring her up in the comments. Started writing this is 2013. Warning: the beginning chapters are hella cringe and they fucking suck...

  • Tour bus [Shawn Mendes]
    5.4M 90.5K 34

    Being stuck with Shawn Mendes on tour doesn't sound that bad right?

  • Runner (Shawn Mendes Fan Fic)
    287K 7.3K 41

    Mickayla Parker is a normal 16 yr old girl. If you call a 16 yr old girl who's parents both passed away and, has lived in a foster home for more than half of her life and, runs away every chance she gets...but she always gets caught, normal. That's Mickayla! She hates her foster home and is trying so hard to get away...

  • Fallen Angel {Shawn Mendes}
    691K 13.4K 39

    Alexis is a 15 year old girl from Palo Alto, California. She's in love with 9 amazing boys, but one of them catches her eye. Shawn Mendes. The boy with the amazing voice and beautiful personality. While on the plane ride to Orlando, Alex catches Shawn's eye and he falls fast and hard for Alex. ~ *THERE IS SELF HARM...

  • Mate//Werewolf Shawn Mendes
    369K 10.1K 46

    ***Completed with sequel*** •READ AT OWN RISK-NOT EDITED AND I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS 13• Emiko and Cayla expect to have a nice vacation in LA and go to their favorite youtubers/viners meet and greet, but end up finding out they're a huge part of one of their biggest secrets, will they learn to accept it? **Please don'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Zoo // Louis Tomlinson
    598K 17.4K 57

    ❝Just a forgetful child, just a lost girl.❞ ❝Just a boy with a pen, just a man with ink.❞ (Book 1)

  • Dark (A Louis Tomlinson story.)
    1.5M 36.1K 71

    To everyone who doesn't know Louis Tomlinson, they'd think he is sweet and funny, but to Amanda, he is intimidating. Louis was once just a dark figure in an alleyway, but what is he now? A kidnapper? A boy who is hopelessly in love?

  • Falling Hard for Louis Tomlinson
    1.1M 16.2K 34

    It all started with a compromise. A compromise to let Katlyn go to a One Direction Concert for her birthday. Rachel Collins finds herself onstage in the arms of Louis Tomlinson before she can even blink, and she doesn't even know that was the first time she would see the boy that would change her life forever. (BOOK O...

  • what we are [louis tomlinson]
    1.8K 71 1

    It started when she won a day with Louis Tomlinson.

  • My Crush On Louis Tomlinson
    1M 35.6K 36

    Brooklyn Moore has a crush on Louis Tomlinson but he doesn't even know that she exists. Surprisingly, she takes up courage and expresses her feelings toward him in a love letter. Instead of rejecting her kindly, Louis being the jerk he is, reveals love letter in front of the whole school with the intentions of humilia...

  • Flames
    949K 32.1K 22

    ❝There's only a thin line between love and hate, and sometimes it feels like we're dancing on that line.❞ *Discontinued

  • The Baby Project
    743K 23K 38

    **FINISHED, CURRENTLY REWRITING** Highest Ranking: 1st in #Dramione!!!! 1st in #Parents, 2nd in #Hermione, 10th in #Malfoy ^AHHHHH Everyone is back for their Seventh year at Hogwarts, and there is a new class mandatory for all seventh years. It's called 'The Baby Project' and it is not what anyone expected (or wanted...

  • Through the dark (punk Louis Tomlinson) (Collaboration with MyTeddybear_Baloe)
    95K 2.5K 52

    when Alice broke up with her abusive boyfriend she changed her number and moved to London hoping she will never see him again. But will this all stop Louis from finding her? (Collaboration with MyTeddybear_Baloe)

  • Boarding School (Punk Louis Tomlinson AU)
    3.2K 80 2

    My Mother and step father are.powerful people who haven't enough time for a teenager. Step dad pulled some strings and got me put into a prestigious boarding school. But theres a catch: Its an all boys school.

  • Princess (Punk Louis Tomlinson)
    1.3K 32 2

    Sophie Mitch is a 18 year old girl with big dreams, high hopes and a bucket list. She never knew one boy could change her life forever...

  • What happened!? (Punk Louis Tomlinson)
    4.6K 133 10

    Bella's best friend Louis Tomlinson moved away when they're twelve. What happens when they end up at the same college years later? Will they recognize each other? Will they still have the same feelings for each other?

  • Punk - Louis Tomlinson Fanfic
    5K 43 4

    "I didn't expect him to be here. Not him. Not 1/5 of the boys I fell in love with ages gao.. Not on a rock concert. After all he was the nicest boy I've ever met and it's funny because if my best friend never annoyed me with this concert I would have never met him. I wouldn't be here with him, in his arms. It was the...

  • The Challenge Next Door {PUNK LOUIS TOMLINSON}
    54.1K 1K 31

    Lucy is the jock , her life revolves around Basketball . Never having a thought about anything else . Louis is the new kid , towns new badass and jackass . They think they are polar opposites, but they are more alike each other than they thought . They dont care for love. But do they care each other more than they tho...

  • Bitten by a Singer {a Louis Tomlinson Vampire story}
    16.2K 467 16

    Ah the ever so glorified band named One Direction has a slithering secret that you certainly don't want to miss out on. and a little romancing between Louis and this girl named Michelle. Michelle name inspiration may or may not be mine...okay it is. I'm not creative sorry. love you all ~Chelle

  • Kidnapped By 5sos || Luke Hemmings
    5.6M 173K 94

    [COMPLETED] Not your ordinary kidnapped story. 1st 5sos Kiddnapped story.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    219M 6.8M 92

    When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ***** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thi...