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  • Family
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    Emison was officially endgame in the season 7 finale. But what happens to their lives after PLL ? Read about how our favourite ships' families grow, through the eyes of Emily and Alison. As well as all the best Emison flashbacks from Alison's pov. [COMPLETED] 19th July 2017-19th July 2018 (Edited)

  • Taboo (A Collection of Poems & Short Stories)
    1.9K 68 15

    Taboo is something that is viewed as forbidden by society's standards and therefore is rarely talked about openly. - Examples of modern day taboo's: adultery; nudity; masturbation; homosexuality; having a fetish; pornography; rape; suicide; drug addiction; divorce; depression; death; AIDs; cancer; racism; etc.

  • Lights, Camera, Headlines (Clexa AU)
    9.3K 437 20

    Lexa Woods is Hollywood's most talked about Actress. "Talked about" meaning the actress with the most headlines about her. Lexa has been in the movie/television industry since she was 4 years old. Currently she is a 16 year old actress with a reputation as Hollywood's bad boy, player and downright diva. When her step...

  • Let Me Love You (Emison)
    6.9K 319 15

    *warning* this book may contain a whole lotta violence Alison Dilaurentis 17 years old ran away with her boyfriend Noel Kahn everything was okay or at least she thought it was that's until she really got to see his true colors

  • Another Life (emison)
    222K 4.1K 47

    A fight. A falling out like no other. An unexpected pregnancy. And now they're meeting again. How will Emily and Alison handle the new changes in their lives? How will they reconcile after their brutal fight and almost eight years apart? Story is based off of A Different Life by hlnwst on and please go...

  • Reasons Against Reason
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    Autumn Moore has always been a good girl. Good grades, sweet attitude, skilled in the athletic department of life. She owns a decent popularity status in the high school she attends at. Westbury High School, that is. And she also just so happens to have THE Riley Vauss as her boyfriend. Totally popular, totally hot an...

  • Relentless (Emison)
    361K 10.7K 98

    Alison DiLaurentis is a senior, new to Rosewood Day High School, joining her sister Hanna Marin and Hanna's friends Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery. Everything was going well until she met her. Emily Fields. Rosewood's badass chick who doesn't care about anyone or anything, especially girls. Emily is a very open...

  • Best Dare I've Ever Agreed To.
    49.9K 1.1K 11

    This is a Stally FanFiction and hopefully you enjoy it. Lets see what happens when Stevie is given a dare she just can't refuse.

  • A Ship Called Stally
    18.9K 683 11

    It's their junior year of college. Stevie is desperately looking for a campus job and Ally is desperately looking for a new partner in crime for the campus radio show. What happens when these two pair up? Find out.. :)

  • My Sister's Lover (A Stally Fanfic)
    61K 2K 17

    Allison's twin sister Melissa passed away because of a car accident. Mel was about to go on a date with a girl she met online. Ally finds herself back in LA to take over the family business Mel left behind. In the middle of Ally learning the trade secrets of running a mall empire, she takes a break and sneaks out to a...

  • Stally
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    ~Ally hills and Stevie Boebi~ Ally meets this pretty new girl in school named Stevie.. Will ally fall for her and date her? Is Stevie gay like ally is? Find out by reading this ;) ~ Authors note-this story is written by someone who has no chill.I put some things that have actually happened in my personal relationship...

  • Stally Story (Stevie and Ally)
    123K 2.7K 39

    A new year was starting in Hollywood Hills High School. Ally Hills had studied there all her life. Now there is A NEW student, Stevie Boebi. Follow their story. Stally fan. Talk to me, tell me your opinion and what would you like or think will happen in the story. You can find me on twitter as @Ceci4444 or/and on ins...

  • Hiding (stally fanfiction)
    7.4K 209 4

    ally hills and stevie boebi love story.

  • Once Upon A Stally
    31.2K 870 29

    Based like Once Upon A Time Tv Show using Youtubers as lover and the story of Stevie and Ally and their challenges of life.

  • Adopted By Stally: (Stally/You)
    123K 5.1K 129

    You are from England and your mom is in an accident. You get placed in a orphanage until you see someone look at you like their child is you. Disclaimer: I know there is already adopted by stally but I have read them and I will not try and write like their.

    Completed   Mature
  • Trigger (Stally)
    49.9K 1.5K 27

    There are two girls. One of them isn't too fond of the other her name Ally Hills. The other gets a new job which is the same as Ally's her name is Stevie Boebi. They think they have no interests together but they might be surprised or they might just of saw it coming. I don't know but read to find out what happens in...

  • Stally Fan-fiction
    16K 472 12

    I tried to find a good fan-fiction myself, and being the writer that I am, was naturally pissed when I didn't find a captivating story at the top of the list. So instead of trying to sift through all the fandom for a tiny little gem, I thought I'd try to create my own. I'm just using the basics I saw which are Stevie...

  • Stally Love ( Stevie x Ally )
    4.3K 106 3

    "Why are we still together?" to "What if I propose right now?"

  • P.S. I hate you! (lesbian story)
    4.4M 91K 22

    Isabelle Parrier seemingly has everything, she is beautiful, has handsome boyfriend and is the most popular girl in her high school. But she is also cold and conniving, and does everything she wants. Everyone in her school is trying not to get on her bad side, because she has ways of destroying people through her vici...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'd like to call you my girl. [Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner fanfic]
    160K 2K 15

    One day all tears will turn into something beautiful. One day Kendall found someone special. One day Cara found someone special. They both met each other. It's hard to deny that spark between them. They'll never stop hoping for freedom. Cara promised to Kendall that one day all tears will turn into something beautif...

  • My Brother's Girlfriend
    3.6M 86.4K 33

    It wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to be just like the rest. You weren't supposed to be special. I wasn't supposed to hurt him. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, my brother's girlfriend.

  • Treacherous(Emison)
    420K 12.8K 188

    Alison returns home after being gone for 2 years. all of the girls are back from new york after Aria killed Shana Fring. Alison has a secret nobody knows. a secret that could've ruined her "Queen Bee" reputation back in the day but now that's all over. she knows that she is in love with the one and only Emily Catherin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Adopted by Taylor Swift
    6.1K 141 27

    This girl named Hope was thinking that her life was going to end just because her mom had died and her dad couldn't take care of her but then Taylor Swift adopted her and her world is about to be turned upside down