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  • Black Sword and Fragments [Vol. 1: Unforeseen Conspiracy]
    106K 9.1K 52

    [Completed] Dahil sa kakaiba niyang kapansanan, ang katawan ni Allastor Frauzz ay kinakailangang kumunsumo ng mas maraming magicules kumpara sa mga normal na Rankers. Dahil sa kapansanang ito, halos triple na rin ng karaniwang pagsasanay ang madalas niyang isinasagawa. Ganoon man, hindi niya inaasahan na sa kabila...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reapers - Master of Souls (Reapers Chronicles Book III)
    1.5M 95.8K 83

    What's dead should stay dead. When you mess with the natural order, things could go horribly wrong. Having a six-hundred year old rotting soul, for example. Or discovering that your boss is the son of the Devil. I am Aramis Rayne. Full-time familiar. Part-wraith. Occupation: prevent the end of the world. Sounds imposs...

  • Aria of the Arcane
    46K 6.2K 19

    Enter the arcane world of Alterra, and regale yourself with three tales in one epic story. ☆☆★ AFFAIR OF ROYALS ★☆☆ Tag along with LUCIUS as he investigates the brutal murder of the Arcerean monarch and sheds light on a conspiracy that can alter the course of history forever. ☆★★ CALL TO ARMS ★★☆ Follow MALAYA and her...

  • The Unwanted
    214K 13.3K 55

    "Let the Lightning Engulf you" 15-year-old Alexander Charon embarks on his journey at a new school as he struggles to form bonds and relationships with those around him. He begins to unravel his hidden talents forcing his life to take an unexpected turn as he witnesses the murder and kidnapping of his friends. He must...

  • Mirren Academy of Spells
    385K 40K 33

    Discovering an abandoned town in the middle of a forest, Odeth is transported to a time when the ghost town was alive, but as someone else--Olivia Valencourt. *** Magic isn't real--except it is when Odeth wakes up as Olivia Valencourt, a student of Mirren Academy, a school for spell users like her. Well, like Olivia...

  • Crewd Academy: Malediction of Prophecy (PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM)
    7.3M 226K 71

    Completed | Wattys 2016 Winner: Writer's Debut Selendria was like a blank slate. She knows nothing about her past. But after transferring to Crewd Academy, little by little, she was able to unravel her mysteries. But is knowing her past is enough to end the malediction of the prophecy? First Version: Started: July 29...

  • Song of The Rebellion
    6.6M 315K 84

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #04 ◢ Promise of the Twelve - End of the rebellion as prophecied by the titan goddess, Mnemosyne. It seems like fighting a titan is not enough. From the ends of the world, our heroes will each have to use their unique abilities to stop the rebellion and prevent Cronus' awakening. The Alphas are...

  • Lost Academy
    12.1M 326K 116

    Exle Asper Rij is a 17-year old straight A student in her high school. Her grades and attitude towards studying allowed her to be accepted in an international school for her Senior High. Having the acceptance letter at hand, she plotted her dreams in the future. However, things changed when the supposed international...