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  • My one and Only(Bonnie x reader)
    5.7K 153 8

    Ok this is my first book so don't hate on me if it's bad. And well your gonna have to find out for yourself.

  • Bonnie x reader smut
    1.2K 15 1

    exactly what it sounds like😺 mature content🎉

    Completed   Mature
  • My Heart Hops For You (Human Bonnie X Reader)
    40.8K 1K 22

    (Y/N) was an average 17 year old girl who always loved to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza when she was little. Now needing a job, her mom got her the job at the pizzaria as Night Guard. What will happen when she finds out that people are not as they seem? Love? Trust? Or horror? OH dear. This is a book I wrote in 7th gr...