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  • Ma'kani - The Chosen Inaari
    0 97 45

    Arlemia. One country, several races, and a shadow that threatens them all. Ever since the crown of the Inaari'i was broken, the shadow has come closer and closer. Trees wither, grasses rot. Days grow shorter, dark nights longer. Death is unstoppable. Only one hope remains for the races of Arlemia: the legend of Ma'k...

  • The Seasons of Sissera
    2.7K 289 15

    When Nokkland found himself setting off with the inn's barmaid to track down an ice-dragon, he hadn't realized that he would be thrust into the center of a prophecy he knew nothing about. Nor that he would become part of an undercover group of revolutionaries, determined to keep each of Sissera's five races from annih...

  • Silencer | Slowly Rewriting & Updating
    1.8K 298 15

    In a land torn apart by chaos and ruin, a Silencer must step forward to right the many wrongs done unto the land of Ancestria. Follow the journey of Sereia Kaminari, who has firsthand experienced the terror that the overrunning Myrk can bring, stirring up calamity and endangering others. Unbeknownst to her heritage...

  • Shattered Kingdoms | Book 2 ✔
    1.3K 339 42

    Book 2 - Completed "Everyone must fight! From peasants to nobles to royals - we must unite if we hope to survive!" The second demon war has just begun, bloodier than ever. United in the desperate fight for survival, all of Dargon prepares for the final battle. Following the astounding conclusion to the first battle...

  • Shadow Kingdoms | Book 1 ✔ (EDITING)
    7.7K 737 44

    Book 1 - Completed *Unedited* "You'd better prepare, because it's coming... the end is drawing near!" Fifty years ago, demons broke free and rampaged through the five kingdoms. The brave Guardians who vanquished the demons have vanished and faded in legends. Their successors, six youths who may not even be aware that...

  • Sacred Mountain
    26.6K 3.4K 29

    Annifer can put it off no longer. The time has come for her to journey north to the snow-covered land of Crosstain and marry the loathsome Larnick. Meanwhile, deep in the heart of the Great Forest, all is not well in the Wise Women's Village. A powerful magical artefact has been stolen and a dangerous prisoner escape...

  • Plaguesbane
    18.4K 2.6K 23

    'Daisy is our only hope!' Red Plague has broken out in the kingdom of Frailing, introduced by dark sorcerer and Wise Woman hater, Morwain. The only cure is the Plaguesbane fruit that grows in a forbidden garden in the heart of enemy territory. Trainee Wise Woman and Shape-Shifter, Daisy must undertake a perilous jou...

  • Annifer
    33.3K 3.9K 17

    Time is running out. Princess Annifer's brother is in mortal danger from a deadly enemy and she's about to be banished from the kingdom for good. Her friends are too scared to help her. With nothing but her wits to rely on, Annifer must trace the only person who can save them - the mysterious Wise Woman she remembers...