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  • We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. (Jalex) Slow Updates
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    Jack is alone, He's never spoke, he has no real prospects, Just a plan. Alex is simple, He likes to party, but there's something else there, Alex also has a plan. Zack loves his best friend, Rian knows but refuses to admit that maybe he feels the same way. Jack's parents want him to be normal, in fact they would do...

  • You Rock, Poppy Kessler! (Rian Dawson of All Time Low)
    2.4K 44 4

    "You rock, Poppy Kessler" seems to be the most used statement by those who know Poppy Kessler. Rian would know, she's been his best friend long enough. The truth is, Poppy does rock in a lot of ways; Rian would know after all she's been his crush long enough.

  • This Is Home [Blink-182 Fan Fiction]
    58.4K 1.3K 30

    Meet Holly McDougall, 15 year old orphan...Or so she thought. She is actually the daughter of Mark Hoppus. When Mark suddenly appears in Holly's life after 15 years, things aren't easy. There are arguments, anger and frustration. But there is also love. Read on and see how Holly will adjust to living in the Hoppus hou...

  • Safe Little Thoughts To Keep You Safe (An All Time Low Fic)
    1.6M 33.6K 51

    Completed December 29th 2012 Grace is the weird geeky girl that everyone picked on. She dresses differently and listens to the 'wrong' kind of music. What happens when she finds out a family secret and her whole life story gets flipped upside down by her favourite band, All Time Low? Much to my disappointment, I do...

  • Hello Im Josh Franceschi.
    2.9K 71 10

    "You ready to do this Ella" I looked at myself in the face and sighed deeply, exept I wasn't looking at me, I was looking at him, whatever freaky occurrence this was Its been three days and it still hasn't gone away, no matter how much ive tried. "As ready as ill ever be Josh" I sighed picking up my microphone and pu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Matt Vs Josh.
    15.6K 221 47

    The loud crash my bedroom door made as it opened brought me fully awake. There in the open door way she stood, foaming at the mouth like a crazed animal. Holy shit, why did i ever give her a key. She stood there, all her blond hair un-brushed, hanging like a nest from her completely make up less face, wearing a black...

    Completed   Mature