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  • Blink: 3003 (Book 1)
    343K 20.7K 30

    3003 AD: the human race makes a breakthrough in interstellar travel like nothing ever seen. A tiny fraction of the population, one in a million - one in a billion - develop the innate capacity to vanish from existence. With training they can will themselves to reassemble in any known location. Over the years scientis...

  • White Stag (PERMAFROST #1)
    1.2M 65.2K 85

    Don't show fear. Don't attract attention. Don't forget who the monsters are. Those are seventeen-year-old Janneke's three rules to surviving in the Permafrost. Her family is dead, her village burned to the ground, and now she's a slave in a court of merciless goblins. Though her master, Soren, offers her a small spher...

  • Otto and Victoria
    5.3K 146 1

    In the history of storytelling down through the ages some of our most enduring tales have been of heartbroken individuals who have found solace and a fresh appreciation for life despite their great personal loss through a chance connection with a kindred soul in the animal kingdom. These stories of deepest despair tr...

  • The Mashup Awakens
    11.9K 453 3

    a collection of comics and illustrations that combine all things pop culture!

  • Sin (Wattys Winner)
    966K 13.2K 128

    WATTY WINNER! Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just another word. What would you do? Could you kill a killer? Does the death of one appease the deaths of a hundred? What about that hundred against a thousand? What if you had no choice? Meet Sin. No, not that sort of sin, but Sin, crazy as a loon (...

  • Just for the Cameras (Larry fanfiction, Harry x reader)
    111K 4.4K 74

    When you catch Harry Styles' eye, it seems too good to be true-and it is. He wants you to be his girlfriend, but just for the cameras. His heart really belongs to Louis Tomlinson. Or does it? A story in several parts, told in Boston, New York, London, and Los Angeles. Secrets, lies, sex, love, tabloids, fandom, and be...

  • Blank Slate Kate
    73.6K 3.8K 39

    Waking up with a strange man is scary. Realizing you lost fifteen years of your life overnight? That's terrifying. With her memories from seventeen to thirty-two gone, Kate has no idea who she is and where she belongs. As she begins to fall for the man who found her, she wonders if she forgot those years for a reason...

  • Mr Wolf and the White Princess
    290K 1.7K 16

    A wolf and a princess fall in love as they fight the Raven and the forces of boredom and ugliness in a magical London. They must race against time as they try to stop the Raven’s evil plan for destroying the city. But can they also resolve the mysterious chemistry between them? If you like Neil Gaiman, Jasper Fforde...

  • Community Stories
    159K 4.2K 19

    Welcome to a collection of personal stories from the Wattpad community. Read stories shared by Wattpaders from all over the world, and feel free to write your own! Cover by @onederstruck-

  • Power Shift (Book 1)
    580K 12.5K 22

    Brandon Stamp is abducted on his way out of a grocery store. He doesn't know who took him or why, and when he finds out what they want him for his confusion turns into terror. Frantically searching for clues to the group behind his abduction, Brandon discovers he can do things no human should be capable of. Will thes...

  • Inspiration
    1.3K 65 1

  • Blood of Requiem (Song of Dragons, Book 1)
    1M 31.7K 50

    Long ago stood the kingdom of Requiem, a land of men who could grow wings and scales, breathe fire, and take flight as dragons. Requiem ruled the sky. But Dies Irae, a tyrant leading an army of griffins, hunted Requiem's people, burned their forests, and shattered their temples. Requiem fell. This ancient land now lie...

  • Dragon Heir [Book 1] [Watty Award Winner 2012]
    3.5M 62.1K 23

    There was a time when the king of the human world raged war between humans and dragonkind, forcing their rulers to seal the portal between both worlds and leave the one thing they loved above all else behind. Now, in a land full of turmoil, one huntress learns of her bloodline and how she alone has the ability to har...

  • 30 Before 30
    69K 417 23

    30 Before 30. Thirty days in Europe. Thirty inspired moments of adventure to live it up before my 30th birthday. Just the idea of it gave me purpose. Here was a reminder that I could choose a new path, even if it was only for 30 days. A little background first. Ten years ago, if you had told me that at 29, a normal we...

  • I Ate Justin Bieber's Cat
    1.6K 46 1

    Uh oh.....

  • Touch-Up Wednesday
    77 2 1

    "Nothing seemed to be touched by human hands. It was hauntingly still, hushed by the absence of worthy living. The closet was organized with his shirts hanging perfectly and his trousers folded neatly over pant hangers. He had his outfits arranged in order of the days he would wear them. His wife’s closet was empty. T...

    5.5K 196 8

    Get a sneak peak of Lydia Kang's CONTROL, releasing December 26th, 2013. I will be releasing a few more pages with every 50 reads+votes+comments! About CONTROL: When a crash kills their father and leaves them orphaned, Zel knows she needs to protect her sister, Dyl. But before Zel has a plan, Dyl is taken by strangers...

  • Legends from The Warlock's Chair - Book One - Ravengaard
    675K 10.7K 39

    The Warlock's Chair. A place of magic and adventure. Long ago when the world was young the Faerie races ruled far and wide across the lands of the Earth. Then with the coming of Man, they disappeared into myth and legend. But they had survived, hidden away in the secret places known only to a very few humans. An ancie...

  • The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum
    277K 3K 22

    The Magnetron Chronicles, Volume 1 Phineas Magnetron is an eccentric Nineteenth Century inventor blessed with a strange gift he doesn't completely understand. As a former soldier and current member of the Hogalum Society, an inscrutable secret organization of crime fighting adventurers, Phineas is no stranger to peril...