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  • Eerie Jamboree
    92 11 2

    A first horror story , you could say . Well , there's a lot more to follow! Get ready for suspense , thrills , spills and chills .

  • This is Society
    9.7K 370 6

    The world is ruled by Society. This is a world designed to fall in it's own blood from its own sword. But, will someone, anyone, see through the binds Society has put on the people, and survive?

    149 10 1

    QUESTIONABLE ADVICE FOR THE TEENAGE CLICHÉ (For when pixies fall for that douchebag from frozen)

  • Cherry Tree
    179 11 1

  • Once Upon a Fallen Star [ Coming soon ]
    580 23 2

    But a normal girl, Laya mcjonsondale, witnesses something that begs her better judgement to forget and move on with her normal life, her deceivable eyes to convince her wrong but Laya knows what she saw, it wasn't scary, at least not to her, it had rather seemed magical. ~ She knows he's not normal. She had seen...

  • Alaska Tyler's 27 Bad Habits
    15K 1K 29

    "why am I telling you these?" "because you trust me."

  • Coincide [On Hold]
    407 25 8

    AJ, Molly and Chris were the best of friends, had been so since they were still in diapers, being next door neighbors and all. Life couldn't have been more fun for was almost perfect. One day, as they were celebrating Thanksgiving in their old tradition that they had come up with, tragedy strikes, changing a...

  • A Conversation of Life and Death
    61 9 1

    The two figures of Life and Death watch a sunset and talk. (It's literally four paragraphs long I don't think I can go into more detail without it being the actual story)