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  • 'Parents' of Enhypen (On Hold)
    5.5K 231 14

    this book basically consists one-shots of the genre- 'HeeJay' as parents of ENHYPEN. in this book you will find stories revolving around the concept of 'Heeseung' and 'Jay' as father and mother of ENHYPEN, respectively and their dorm life along with kids and 2 uncles. Mainly the kids are the Maknae line: Sunoo, Jung...

    16.5K 649 34

    What happens after the debut stage of enhypen,they decided to have a sleep over with the eliminated ot12 members and until the maknaes saw a weird golden box at the front door of the dorm and brought it to the hyungs,they opened the box it revealed a lady,in the bright light and they fell asleep and woke up in a diffe...

    33.8K 1.9K 59

    7 Prince hidden in the world due to a secret their parents didn't want to reveal to the public,then one day at school they met each other and will develop friendship or something else? Third Enhypen ff 💜💜

    93.2K 4.9K 67

    7 boys are Mafias in a young age,got together through their parents who wanted them to be close and defeat the Threat to the Mafia World,it's up to them to find out their enemy,kill and destroy them the ships will be revealed in the chapters

  • RAINBOW || ☘HeeJay FF☘
    2.9K 222 11

    ☘Completed☘ "What are you doing at here alone? Its raining heavily tho everyone should be head to home." *┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈* "Ask that to yourself, boy." ☘Jay x Heeseung☘ ☘Its just a terrible story I made on spot so if you hate it don't read it☘

  • We Lost The Summer || ☘HEEJAY FF☘
    3.1K 196 16

    ☘Complete☘ "Don't disappear" *┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈* "Searching for you" ☘Jay x Heeseung☘ ☘I just write whatever goes on my mind so, it will be a terrible story, so if you don't like it, don't read it :3☘

  • Talking to the Moon || ☘HeeJay☘
    2.8K 327 31

    "You're all I had" *┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈* "The talk of the town" ☘so this story is basically a book 2 for we lost the summer, so please read the book 1 first before read this☘ ☘for this book 2's story, its just a little bit more answers about the story at book 1 and continue about the boys' relationships☘

  • 𝗯𝗹𝘂𝘀𝗵.
    12.7K 1K 23

    ❛ i like it when your flustered ❜ ━ who knew the guy at his bus stop was gonna be the guy he would fall inlove with.

  • 𝗶𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗮𝗿𝗺𝘀.
    4.4K 446 24

    ❛ you make me feel safe ❜ ━ in his arms, heeseung felt safe.

  • You're the one that I want
    10.1K 707 15

    Jay × Heeseung Lee Heeseung is currently working at the coffee shop he owns wherein Park Jongseong or everyone in the mafia world calls him Jay, the biggest mafia boss in the industry who is having a VIP meeting in his coffee shop but little did Heeseung knows, the mafia boss noticed him and finds him a very interesti...

  • Our Beautiful Love Story (On Hold)
    1.7K 108 10

    lets join two royal princes on their love tale

  • His doe eyes°Heejay
    422 18 2

    Start on Jun:12.2021 Stream Drunk dazed

  • turning point | jay x heeseung | complete
    7.8K 555 5

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with admiring an old friend, Jay thinks. But there is something different in the way he sees him now. Lee Heeseung, a resilient, beautiful person - with a chiseled jaw, bright eyes, strong arms, and a fluffy mop of brown curls. God, Jay wants to kiss him. - 10k words | enhypen jay x...

  • can i walk with you - heejay
    17.8K 1.6K 24

    "um, excuse me?" "yes?" "can i walk with you? there's a strange man following me." in which jay approaches a stranger seeking help

  • Nidra || HEEJAY
    13.5K 1.2K 38

    Being ordinary is too much of a curse for Heeseung to bear, and somehow he believes that the Nidra, an evolving crime group, can help. **Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage GANG AU (I own nothing but the plot) Credits to the owners

  • TIDE [Jayseung]
    11.9K 1.1K 19

    Jay is bad and keep hurting people to the point they get scared of him but not Heeseung. Heeseung was not scared he was curious.

  • sing on my body ; heejay
    8.4K 679 15

    jay isn't too fond of his past life as a vampire, but heeseung is around far too often for him to forget that sheer joy of tasting his blood [ vampire au ]

  • Unseen mercy (Heejay/heejaywon)
    1.5K 134 18

    A spin off of 'the basement' but from heejaywon's POV. You don't have to have read the other it will just help with context to do with taegyu. ------- During a shopping trip Heeseung bumps into Jay, his crush, at HMV the store he works at. After tragic news his bestfriend beomgyu has been kidnapped he begins to pus...

  • still with you.
    916 65 13

    Sev is still on his feet supporting his idols despite of them disbanding and going on their solo activities and private lifes. He met his idols by accident and got himself in a chaotic situation. [ l.hs & p.js ] original by ficshee15.

  • I CRAVE YOU - I DESIRE YOU || heejay / jayseung
    3.8K 315 52

    A story where student Park Jay moved from the USA to Korean to attend to the 'Bang Si-Hyuk institute of greatness' for his senior year of high school. Once there, he learns just how different the education there is and meets the one who completes him

  • Reach to You_ jayseung
    683 47 9

    Heeseung is a new all-rounder Traver student whereas jay is the director's son. Heeseung fall for soobin, his senior but hangouts with jay secretly after they become assignment partners