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  • Her Dreams
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    Sometimes Life starts out perfect but fate can twist every ounce of happiness and turn it into pain. Lucy has lived a hard life getting kidnapped at 5 only to have her mother die protecting her. To make things worse her father turns abusive thanks to drowning his sorrows. Lucy tries to be her own person in school only...

  • Her Dragon Protector
    142 2 4

    {NALU FANFICTION} The dragon was always the enemy... Always. But what happens when a certain princess befriends a dragon? Blehh! I stood in front of the screen for 45 minutes thinking of a description for this story but all I got was 3 sentences! >.< I know, I know! I'm crappy. But on the bright side... I finally thou...

  • Subject 8117
    4.9K 270 4

    Subject 8117 Name: unknown Experiment(s): unknown Status: unknown -------------------- Lucy was captured as a little girl and taken to a lab. This 'lab' was devoted to the progression of magic and used children to experiment. She stayed for years and didn't even know. At the age of 17 she escaped and knew only one nam...

  • Angel Rising*
    26.6K 785 16

    There was once a legend about a great force known as "Angel Slayer Magic" its an ancient magic art, forbidden because of it's unbelievable talents. Angel Slaying Magic was banded and hidden away to prying eyes because the magic power was so unbearable. The user could destroy towns, cities, peoples lives, and so much...

  • My Claws and My Fatal Flaws
    1.4K 62 6

    I won't let him hurt me anymore. Iv'e had enough. I shifted and ran through the forest on all fours. "Watch out Daddy, I'm coming for you." I growl under my breath. I DO NOT OWN FAIRY TAIL!!!!!! HIRO MASHIMA DOES!!!! NOR DO I OWN THE PICTURES!!!!!!!

  • My Most Precious Dragon
    5.6K 196 9

    "Who is Nashi, Luce?" He asked. This can't be happening. "She' daughter." I gulped, I can't do this. Hurt flashed across Natsu's handsome face. I felt like crying. "So are you married then?" He asked, sadly. "" It was more of a question to myself, there's no way...

  • Bitter Sweet Agony
    1.9K 88 4

    My name is Lucy, I live in a world made up of things that shouldn't exist. Vampires, Werewolves. Sirens. Harpy's. Dragons. Witches. And many more. I live in smaller town known as Magnolia, not many creatures live here. I myself, am a creature, but it's a secret. I will give you a hint, I'm actually two. Both pretty c...

  • Just A Player Who Fell In Love With The Girl He Played With... (Nalu)
    72.2K 2.3K 10

    Natsu Dragneel, is a player who played with girls a lot. (Mostly sleeping with them)He started doing that ever since his girlfriend cheated on him and really hurt him. He met a girl named Lucy Heartfilia and he founds out that she is different from any other girl in Fairy High. They started dating but he also has his...

  • The leaves and the savior (an ElfGreen fanfic)
    802 12 4

    Discontinued This is all for my friend Olivia. After being stubborn for the past few years, have they finally decided to confess to each other Starts:01-06-16 Ends: never

  • A Princesses past {EDITED}
    1.1K 36 8

    Young Lucy Heartfilia was, of course, the princess of all. She was around the age of 5 when she was training with the dragons in the golden grassy plain of earthland. One day, the dragons disappeared, causing her to run around the endless plain in search for it. While searching, her legs gave up, causing her to fall a...

  • Forced to marry my best friend's boyfriend [a nalu fanfiction]
    171K 6.9K 44

    What happens when you have a a very close best friend who you do everything with from shopping to sleepovers, who you tell all your secrets, what happens when your forced to marry her boyfriend. Lucy and lissana have been best friends since freshman year they did everything together but what happens when she and lisa...

  • My Little Love Letters
    49 1 5

    A small dairy about a boy who lost hope in his love life. But suddenly sees the girl of his dreams, and decides to risk everything for her.

  • The Ultimate Players [NaLu Fanfiction]
    220K 9.3K 45

    In Fairy Academy, there are these two known as 'The Ultimate Players'. They are known by that name because they are just treating peoples hearts like their toys to play with. They flirt with them, go out with them, and when they fall for them, they will break their heart. The students in the Academy know them really...

  • In Love with the Girl I Hate (NaLu)
    93.5K 3.1K 9

    Natsu a jock in Fairy Tail Academy is Falling for a Nerd. They both hate each other but Lucy needs to help Natsu with his grades.That's when things change. (NaLu)

  • Water and Fire [Natsu X Reader] (Completed)
    53.6K 1.3K 41

    The Girl Assigned her brother's mission ends up falling in love with the enemy? ~~~~~~ I don't Own Fairy Tail! || Thanks for 20k ❤️

  • Sea bound ( A Nalu story)
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    Hi minna I don't like hate and this is my first fanfiction so it might be bad... I put my heart and soul into this story so please like!(Includes Jerza, Gruvia, Gale, and more! I DO NOT own Fairy Tail or any of these pictures. NONE of that credit goes to me ) Lucy Heartfilia is part of the Magnolia police. She finds h...

  • Without you
    238 17 7

    When Lisanna returns everyone is happy and party for a while. Just when things are starting to go back to normal, Lucy Heartfilia is called weak and useless. Everyone ignores her except for a few people. Even the one she was falling for, Natsu Dragneel, had hurt her. What will happen to Lucy now??? (I know what you a...

  • memories, memories come over here (FT fanfic)
    50 1 5

    please read anyway this story is about lucy from fairy tail she finds keys both light and dark and contains a big burden to her and 11 other people drom her guild and yeah so anyway this will countain lots of grammer mistakes and many more other stuff

  • A Vampire in Love | NaLu Fairy Tail Fanfiction
    167K 5.9K 31

    She looked at me as if I just killed her parents. But, I'm really just a bored and thirsty Vampire. "Calm down, Princess. I'm just a Vampire," I told her with an annoyed expression. Humans nowadays. *** In this dangerous adventure, Lucy struggles to figure out who she truly loves while trying to remain alive amidst...

  • my classmate (Nalu Fanfic) [ON HOLD]
    1.8K 56 8

    It's been 11 years since she last saw him. It's been 11 years since he last saw her. Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel know each other from the age of 6. They met once in a party but they never forgot each other. Now they are both 17 and they still try to find that boy/girl from the party, but the don't remember anyt...

  • The Secret of the Celestial Amulet ~ Discontinued ~
    49.5K 1.9K 25

    Natsu Dragneel is being forced to find his one true love. The best place to find that is high school. This undercover spy will experience many different things. These include love, trust and hope. Lucy Heartfillia hasn't told anyone that she is a Heartfillia. With new foes and friends appearing just around the corne...

  • Everlasting Love NaLu One Shots
    142K 5K 203

    NaLu One shots! Hope you like it. Don't forget to vote, comment and follow me. One Shots + NaLu pics = NALU BABIE- I mean 'Everlasting Love NaLu One Shots' -⭐️

  • Journey To The Stars (A Short NaLu Story)
    2.2K 110 6

    After being forced to come to her concert, Lucy and Natsu has been close ever since. Lucy Heartfilia is a superstar, going on a world tour and she happens to have a concert in Natsu's country. Natsu Dragneel is a normal teenager, he has a girlfriend named Lisanna and is the vocalist of their school band. But what will...

  • It Was Just A Dare (A NaLu Fan Fiction)
    19.1K 953 34

    How could a simple game like Truth or Dare affect the relationship of two best friends? A group of friends were hanging out at Juvia's house, the power was out and they were bored to death. Until Mira-the matchmaker in the group-suggested to play a game. At the last spin of the bottle it pointed to Mira and Natsu, Nat...

  • Our story <3 (A NaLu Fanfic) HIATUS
    2.2K 112 22

    Lucy and Natsu tells their daughter, Nashi about how their love story began and how their love story went on. Turns out that their story is not just Natsu kneeling down on one knee and asking Lucy to be his wife, there are more exciting things that happened. It all started in Magnolia High when Lucy was chosen to be...

  • Reborn For Revenge
    75.7K 2.2K 21

    Revenge A word that's supposed to be sweet but why is it bitter Your suppost to receive pleasure not pain,sadness,guilt It's supposed to be on cloud9 not nightmare. This experience happened because of one family member ONE. Why did everything turned upside down Is this my punishment for my sins? Or a turn to make? Is...

  • Forced To Be With Him ( Fairy Tail Natsu X Lucy )
    20.3K 512 5

    This is a NaLu fan fiction and the other couples would be Gray and Juvia and maybe even Laxus and Lisanna. Lucy a blond beauty, who has finished Fairy University and now is living a happy and normal life. That all changes in one night. Lucy is invited to a party 'Fairy tail high 3rd year reunion party', she hesitates...

  • I Fell In Love With A Maid • A Natsu x Lucy Fanfiction •
    4.2K 100 3

    Lucy Heartfilia has been bullied since forever. By Lisanna Strauss. Yep. Lisanna Strauss. Lisanna is known for the Best Beauty and Supportive but for Lucy, she's a total NIGHTMARE!! Lucy plans to find a part-time job for her rent. She finds a job at a maid cafe called 'Luka's Maid Cafe'. She works there for part-time...

  • Just A Supposedly 'Sad' NaLu Fanfiction.
    4K 76 5

    Natsu Dragneel, a Fire Dragon Slayer, had finally heard that he was going to be the father of his girlfriend, Lucy Heartfilia, a stellar mage. But then, the very next day, terror happened. Blood everywhere.... especially when a certain someone caused someone to die in front of Natsu's arms... Who's that person? Read i...