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  • A Story of Cinders: Memorial (short story)
    14 1 1

    Thirty years after the end of civilization, Avi takes his ten year old son Ben to Arlington Cemetery, looking for the grave of Avi's father. This is a self-contained short story within the universe of the Story of Cinders, and is the final canonical story, #15

  • Parousia
    431 105 9

    WHAT DREAMS MAY COME meets ARMAGEDDON: Avodus is blessed with twin daughters, but they're predestined. While Araceli will guide the blessed, Thyone will lead the damned. There's one way for Avodus to protect both girls and keep them together, but it comes at a price. "The prose is a nice and flowing narration, seamles...

  • Inferno
    164 6 1

    An intriguing short Science Fiction story, about a dying man, written emotively, caring for his last wishes, to be released into space, to endure the experience of death and freedom entwined.

  • Awake (#Onceuponnow)
    5.6K 721 7

    *One of 10 winners in the @target OnceUponNow contest* After five years in a coma, Rose has given up on ever living her life again. It's pure torture hearing her husband's voice as he struggles to save her. All Rose wants is for Crane to be able to go on with his life and be happy. When a change in her conditi...

  • Exodus
    216 17 1

    This story was written for the second contest of @Fantasci. The prompt they offered was interesting: there are two lovers, one has turned evil, and the other is charged with defeating them. Oh, and it had to be under 2k words. As I was turning over what angle I would take in writing this contest entry this story leap...

  • Experiment (Completed)
    237K 14.1K 28

    Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never knew that she was going to become one . . . Highest rating: #8 in Science Fiction * Most recent highest; #20 COMPLETED! Also, not open to critiquing about most issues. This is my first...

  • Blue Flame - A Novella
    356 56 15

    Blue Flame is the superhero Havenshire needs, but the face the public knows is not the face behind the mask. Now a convenient lie threatens the safety of a city as the world's first supervillain chooses Blue Flame as his target. Image Acknowledgement - and Simon Howden

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cow And The Moon (Illustrated)
    750 42 6

    Elsa was not like everyone else. She dreamed of one day going to The Moon. People often say that anyone can fulfill their dreams if they work hard enough for them, but as for Elsa, well... she's just a farm cow--a really stubborn one, nonetheless. Go to for a free cop...

  • Treasure * Contest Winner*
    1.1K 100 1

    ***** Winner of Future Library contest conducted by Margaret Atwood, Katie Paterson and Future Library Project. ******** "Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install A lovely bookshelf on the wall" - Roald Dahl. Old grandparents are out on a motive to teach some values to their bratty grandchildren. #2...

  • Sprinkles
    45.7K 968 2

    Wattpad Featured Story. For Darcy and Milo the world is always different. Life changes in a blink. Nothing is ever the same. Except for them. They don't know why. They always forget. But now it's time to remember... Again.

  • Creatures of God
    4.2K 885 51

    In the future, a mysterious youth with a frightening secret from Earth's past is awakened by a young scientist named Elliot, who joins the strange boy on a holy mission to save mankind from its terrifying world of mutant animals -- Creatures of God! Cover art by Casparita

  • The Prodigal Attempt: Last Homebound
    184 7 2

    In the year 2154, a team of scientists and specially chosen representatives across the globe were sent to planet NA-IRB 8429 to see what was going on, and why not a thing was heard from the first team-some time ago, 20 lucky humans were first sent to this planet to study the planet's atmospheric features and its ecosy...

  • Alas poor Yorick
    123 13 1

    you can't save them all.....

  • The Crab and the Cargo
    96 11 2

    What waits beneath the waves for our intrepid adventurers?

    170 13 1

    “I just wanted to be human again.  I wanted to be accepted into society.  I can’t help who I am, what I am.  I didn’t want the accident to happen to me.”   17 year old Sasha is a cyborg living in the distant future.  Cyborgs are treated as lower class freaks, people who shouldn’t even be alive.  All Sasha ever wanted...

  • a b n o r m a l i t y
    1.2K 44 1

    If the future is not worth fighting for, then don't give up for the past. In a world where humanity is lost, and twisted minds take mind-control, there shall only be war. *Single-chapter story *I know the deadline for the writersshortsory has passed, but this story is about rebelion because of that

  • Samantha75
    10.8K 447 1

    This short speculative fiction story originally appeared on the Canadian website, Ascent Aspirations way back in 2007.

  • The Astor House of Old Shanghai
    802 12 3

    On the eve of the 20th century, an American Marine on the run from a crime committed during the Spanish-American War seeks refuge at The Astor House in Shanghai. Alone and weary, he tries to settle into the familiar Western surroundings of his hotel room. But a knock on the door by a British agent will lead to a deadl...

  • I Know All About This Model
    466 22 2

    A sci-fi short story set on a futuristic station with even more futuristic characters.

  • Kalamar
    487 26 2

    A man is abducted by a group of hostile aliens who force him to bear witness to a tribunal that will decide the fate of mankind.

  • Like Clockwork
    1.2K 29 1

    Always hoping for something outlandish to happen just to break the monotony of his uneventful existence, Josh has begun to suspect that his boss is not quite human.

  • Nano Bytes - A Collection of Short SciFi Stories
    62.7K 2.2K 39

    This is a collection of short stories written by Wattpadders who love their Science Fiction as much as we do. It aims to celebrate the diversity of the genre both in sub-genre, length and style, so whether you like Steampunk or Hard SciFi, Space Opera or Dystopian, fanfiction or a drabble, we know you'll find somethin...

  • They Cannot Scare Me with Their Empty Spaces
    331 17 1

    A Dark Expanse Story Following the departure of the galactic overlords the Zyxlar, the Silicate desert world of Charmed Rock descends into chaos. When the Thoknar Protectorate steps in, Lat (always one to obey the Elders' commands) is the first to join this paramilitary crime organization. Lat is the kind of solider...

  • Reading By Numbers
    872 39 1

    Secret numbers and hidden codes feature in this story about how cultural differences can affect even things that are supposed to be universally true. Originally published in Fantasy Magazine and reprinted in Looking Glass and Cosmos.

  • The Man Who Murdered Himself
    583 32 1

    Kyle Ameus Waterbey is afflicted with a hideous illness. He would do anything to be rid of it. Anything.

  • Gamed
    175 14 1

    From dawn till dusk Zhen Dao gold farms in a cramped warehouse, row upon row of screens lighting the gloom. All she wants to do is to see the sky. Just once. When the opportunity arises, Zhen sees much more than she bargained for.

  • The Butterfly Disjunct
    419 11 1

    Jeyna is a young girl when she's thrust into a role that requires her to uphold the fabric of reality itself in a far-far-future universe where time and space have collapsed. But when she's faced with a decision that impacts someone she views as a mother figure, can she still carry out the sacrifices her duties requi...

  • Sibyl
    294 26 1

    The ghost of my future smells of ash. First published in Nature's Futures

  • The Beginning of a New Day
    477 16 1

    I was lost in a strange place. Not sure how I ended up there. Not sure how I could escape.