• Let Go For Tonight (Niall Horan/One Direction fanfiction)
    • HemmiHoran
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated Jan 04, 2015 04:35PM
    3.7K 250

    'I Love you.' 3 simple words that brought Eliza Ross and Niall Horan together. Their feelings don't stay hidden for a long time.. One way or another they have to tell each other ' I love you'. But one day everything takes a unbelievable turn in events and Eliza has to Let Go For Tonight.. Read to find out if she can h...

  • Kiss Cam {Niall Horan fanfiction}
    9.8K 253

    Half time, time for the kiss cam. It lands on an elderly couple, then a husband and wife, the wife looked pregnant and the husband has a little girl in his arms, then it lands on someone that I've seem stare back at me in the mirror everyday of my life. Me. "Well I guess this means we have to kiss" I hear Irish accent...

  • Stop » njh ✓
    78.4K 903

    no matter how far you run, they will always run back. they need a spark to ignite their fire, and you just happen to be the spark they need. {highest ranking #346 in fanfiction} © All Rights Reserved 2013/2014; myniall

  • Are You Game? (Niall Horan)
    4.9K 153

    Meet Felicity Carswell: your typical bright student with an athletic future. But what happens when she meets a rising star musician on the soccer field in her very hometown, and doesn't even know it? Will he tell her who he really is? What happens after he has to go back home and she goes off to play in another count...

  • Running Into Destiny (Niall Horan)
    28.6K 602

    [BOOK ONE] She puts on a tough girl act and tries to prove to the world that she can take it on singlehandedly. In reality, she’s just scared. Scared of being left, of being hurt. Natalie only knows how to push people away and isolates herself from the world. She isn’t used to opening up to people. So she keeps her...

  • The First of February (EDITING)
    35.6K 494

    Eighteen year old Ashley Wills and her three friends have been waiting outside a hotel for two days in hopes of catching just a glimpse on One Direction. The date is February first, which just happens to be Harry Styles, member of the iconic boy band's birthday. Getting the symptoms of a cold and the urge to pee, Ashl...

  • Your Protector // AU N.H.
    7.4K 204

    I will always protect you. No matter what. Not just because it's my job. I need to. I love you. Even though you could never love a monster like me.

  • When The Day Comes // N.H.
    10.5K 408

    Fall in love with a girl who's out of time? Who won't be living for much longer? Doesn't sound very appealing, does it? Well, it happens to Niall. He never planned for all this to happen of course, but it was all a matter of fate, love, and a life changing Direct Message on Twitter. But how does one handle a situat...

  • Not a Normal Fairy Tale
    38.2K 1.3K

    Intro: "It is sweet like nectar, tough like steel, and rare like a diamond. It is what you desire, need and what you will receive from me. It is true love.", the card from the fortune telling machine says. Stacy Brown, a normal girl who is a huge fan of the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction, will find a sur...

  • We met at nandos (Niall Horan Fanfiction) Unedited (ON HOLD)
    • iica_jae
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated Apr 21, 2013 02:06PM
    8.5K 245

    Antonette campbell, an ordinary 18 year old teenager. Never been loved and was never understood. Her parents are always busy for work that is why she grew out to be a rebel, but what if he met the famous Niall Horan by accident? Will the famous young lad change her view in life? find out by clicking the "Start Reading...

  • Someone Better {Niall Horan}
    6.6K 144

    Clara comes home from her New Years trip with Ross and her best friend hoping to start over and get over him. She tries to handle getting over him. She sings at her old school and sees One Direction. Memories flow back. What happened with her and Niall New Years Eve. But then Ross shows up and sings her favorite song...

  • Comforters || horan
    • mightea
    • 1 Part
    • Updated Dec 17, 2012 04:11AM
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  • I Would {A Harry Styles and Niall Horan Fan-Fic} (Completed!)
    13.3K 340

    THIS IS NOT A NARRY FANFIC! Annalise Briggs, millionaire, Oscar-winning actress, and girlfriend of Niall Horan, has always felt that her life is missing something. She doesn’t know what it is, but she does know one thing; she does not like Harry Styles. While she gets along with all the other boys, Harry is always rud...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Found Your Love
    11.7K 223

    *under editing* Bethany Drummond was everything you would expect from a small town English girl. Only one difference, she had the money. Her parents being multi-millionaires gave her everything she could ever imagine in her youth. Until her sister was born. Brooklyn was a beautiful malice, casting a shadow on her old...

  • Celebrity Directioner(A One Direction Fan fic) [Completed]
    17.4K 338

    Esther Woods, a celebrity and a directioner. What happens if she happens to go on tour with her idols? And her celebrity crush? What now?

  • She's Not Afraid (One Direction FanFic)
    2.5K 37

    Lindsey Davis is fearless. After having her heart broken one too many times, she's locked it up and thrown away the key. When she meets Niall Horan and his band mates, he falls head over heels for her and her confident self, instantly knowing that she's his Princess. Instead of giving her heart to him in return for...

  • Leave Me Alone! (Niall Horan)
    239K 4K

    Hannah Payne is Liam's sister. She's been through so much in the last year, that she's forgotten what it means to be happy. Her mother was worried about her, and called Liam in a desperate plea for help. So she's staying with Liam and the boys for a while. Hannah isn't exactly happy about this. She feels that everyone...

  • We Found Love (Niall Horan)
    745K 7.6K

    Alex Styles is Harry Styles' sister. She's eighteen, and enjoying living on her own. Harry and the boys finally get a break from their never ending tour, and decide to come and visit Alex. Now, Alex has never met Liam, Zayn, or Niall, but when her and Niall meet, she feels strange around him. Harry, being the overprot...

  • Giving Love A Chance (Niall Horan FanFic)
    1K 52

    Skye's never had it easy, with bullying and insecurities and on top of all that her parents death recently. She's forced to move out of Cheshire, to Mullingar to live with her Opa (grandpa in German) to get away from the memories. But what happens when the bullying continues, and Skye's only way out is... death .

  • Dance With Me (Niall Horan)
    3.7M 45.7K

    Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Horan changes everything and helps her find a spark for something new. But will Niall always be there for her to help her when she loses her inspiration...

  • Trouble With Green Eyes (Niall Horan)
    • Irishgirly
    • 24 Parts
    • Updated Jun 24, 2014 12:17AM
    9.6K 212

    Kylie or as she likes to be callled Kyle's life is turned around by an unexpected secret her mother has kept from her all her life.She has to chose between staying in the small town in Alabama with her "Dad" or moving with her mom to London. She quickly makes her choice as her "Dad" reviles a secret of his own and whe...

  • You Only Want Me Cause I'm Taken
    3.9K 183

    *One Direction Fanfic* Faith Brennan adores One Direction. She has no friends and has never had a boyfriend. Her older sister, Ada, is popular and seems to get all the guys. Faith and Ada enter a contest to win a date with Niall Horan, and Ada wins. Faith is crushed because she knows she'll never have a chance with th...

  • Stole My Heart (Niall Horan)
    • iammejt
    • 26 Parts
    • Updated Jun 16, 2013 11:26PM
    32.1K 622

    Niall Horan had it all, fame,money, and millions of girls chasing him. But he still didn't have that lucky girl, his princess. But will the winner of a sweepstakes win him over so that Niall can finally have the girl of his dreams? And will Nataley be able to get over her broken and fragile relationships and insecurit...

  • You're only Killing Me
    1.6K 72

    Paige was dying. Literally, just dying. her life could end at any second and she dosent even know. But as far as she knows, Paige's life is going great. She has a great family, wonderful friends, and a loveing boyfriend Niall Horan. But when things get harder in her family and in her relationship with Niall, she devel...

  • Summer Love(One Direction)
    5.2K 93

    5 girls, Grace, Katie, Alex, Janelle, and Kayla are having a sleepover when One Direction unexpectedly knocks on their door, asking if they can stay ntil they can get to a hotel. Little do they know, it will be longer than that, and there will be MANY twists and turns. **I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS&THE PLOT IS MY OWN...

  • Freed [N.H.]
    404K 8.5K

    “I love you, Jess. Sure things might not be perfect right now, but they will be. One day you’ll accept everything that’s happened. And one day, you’ll be freed.”

  • Choose One. (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    • youarefit
    • 14 Parts
    • Updated Jan 26, 2013 06:56AM
    2K 57

    Christina Stonly has been offered a job to star in a music video, with some newbie boy band as they kick start their singing career. What she doesn’t know is that her childhood best friend is in that band. As she stays in L.A with her cousin for a couple of weeks, things seem to get out of hand and situations get hard...

  • Can We Just Forget? (Niall Horan Fanfic)
    • youarefit
    • 9 Parts
    • Updated Jan 24, 2013 05:32AM
    950 8

    Rachel Heten has just recently moved to Ireland with her Uncle, as her parents constantly travel country to country. Rachel's had a bad past, a past she wants to forget and leave behind so moving countries isn't a bad thing now is it? Living in a small town, she meets a boy that every girl is dying to be with. This on...

  • 11:11 (A Niall Horan Love Story) [On Hold]
    11.3K 339

    Niall makes a wish every night at 11:11, everyday he hopes it comes true. Lacey's friend once told her that wishing at 11:11 makes your dreams become reality. Someone is controlling what happens, you can call her Fate. Niall and Lacey make the same wish. And Fate brings them together. But, it isn't that simple.

  • Drunk On You
    586 10