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  • Bad Liar
    90 14 8

    Aria Katie is a gay. That's it right? Wrong, aria finds out she is bisexual and not gay when she meets a boy named Daniel who was seemingly gay as well. Something clicks once they meet, and they begin to ponder who they are; something they haven't questioned for years. ........ Disclaimer: Title is in progress, if you...

  • *DISCONTINUED*The Rhythm of the Rain Keeps Time(a Patrick Stump Fanfiction)
    5.2K 270 20

    *DISCONTINUED* When Quinn's life falls apart, She can't put it back together alone. Will a certain fedora wearing man be the one to help? What happens when she starts to have trust issues that sets her back when she starts to put herself back together?

  • Save Me From Myself
    176 23 3

    "you don't understand. I'm crazy." "Aren't we all though?"

  • Regrets(Fall Out Boy/Patrick Stump Fan fiction)
    13.5K 775 38

    Just one night, Patrick Stump, lead singer of one of the most beloved bands Fall Out Boy, never could have known why that girl walked into his room. But one night can change everything.

  • Hey Youngblood
    39.1K 1.8K 29

    After Pete Wentz leaves Fall Out Boy with nothing but a small note, Patrick, Andy, and Joe are desperate for a new bassist. They run into Jasey Riddell, a 25 year old bass player working in a record store in New York City. After they officially release Save Rock and Roll, they hit the road for their first tour in year...

  • Saved by the Phoenix
    943 49 10

    Seventeen-year-old Ember Raine is lost in the middle of nowhere, not knowing how far she has gone or how much longer she has to live- if she can muster the will to. She has escaped from the Lab, a top-secret government base of scientists that have created her into a monster, but one that she can barely understand hers...