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  • Dream Team x Reader One-Shots
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    Dream team x Reader one-shots. Will contain smut in some chapters indicated by 🔞 Requests open but if you make a smut request and I see minor in the bio I'll mute you. Deadass.

  • dreamwastaken donated $1,000
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    I blink, heart suddenly in my throat. I try and swallow it back into my chest to no avail. I continue to stare at my screen as the donation disappears. My mouth falls open in an attempt to speak, but nothing comes out. I turn my attention to my chat, zooming by at one thousand miles per hour. It's not at all a secret...

  • Stray [ dreamwastaken x reader ]
    291K 11.3K 15

    A masked man covered in blood in a dirty basement during a zombie apocalypse. What could go wrong? Dreamwastaken | Dream x Reader Post-apocalyptic AU, ooc!dream

  • Lovers Instead [ dreamwastaken x reader ]
    395K 6.3K 11

    Sequel to Ruin The Friendship. Dreamwastaken x Reader. First-person. Contains mature scenes. "It's- surprising, to say the least, how easy it is. This. Dating. I guess it was just that much of a long time coming." (edited)

  • Ruin The Friendship [ dreamwastaken x reader ]
    2.8M 43.8K 46

    Dreamwastaken x Reader. First-person. Contains mature scenes. "I miss my friend. I haven't gotten to see Clay lately. Probably due to YouTube and Twitch and everything else. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for his success, but it takes all of his time. He's either busy streaming, recording shit, or in another tournam...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coder Girl /Dreamwastaken/
    6.8M 237K 178

    [ Dream (Clay) x Female OC (Eliza) ] What happens when a coder girl gets asked to work on Dream's new minecraft video ❗Warnings❗ •This fic contains mature jokes. •The chapters that contain smut are extra chapters (they're not important to the plot) and will have disclaimers at the beginning so you can freely skip the...

  • Best Friend's Brother But It's My Brother's Best Friend
    80.8K 2K 13

    ON HIATUS Covid absolutely sucks. I've been sent home from college, and thankfully don't have to live with my parents again. No, instead I'm living with my brother and his friends. Did I mention that they're Minecraft streamers? And that my brother's best friend since they were kids is hot like burning? Kinda cool. D...

  • dteam x reader smut oneshots
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    18+ work. Minors DNI. literally just dreamteamxreader smutshots that i get demanded to create by others and myself how to request?? dm me on here, submit asks on my tumblr, dm me on twitter, drop em in the requests channel in the discord, really anything works except commenting (cause then i wont do it) so,,,,,,

  • wrong number ~ wilbur soot
    1.7M 59K 39

    Wilbur Soot x OC female character when a boy texts the wrong number #1 in wilbur #1 in weston koury #1 in tommyinnit #1 in wilbur soot #1 in dream #1 in quackity #1 in tubbo #1 in georgenotfound #2 in fanfiction started: feb 24 2021

  • Guitar Lessons // Wilbur Soot x Reader
    511K 13.7K 47

    Y/n goes to her local chinese takeaway and sees an advertisement for guitar lessons by William Gold. She decides to take them. (I didn't intend this to be seen by so many people so excuse the errors, I will try my best to remove them once I'm done writing the story) - wilbursootxfemreader - she/her pronouns - cursing...

    Completed   Mature