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  • Geniuses (ON HOLD)
    527 102 28

    GENIUSES Have you ever wonder why everyone wanted perfection? Excellence? Intelligence? Why they need to nurture those who are and ignore those who are not? But what is the definition of beauty? Of good? And of bad? Is it enough to call someone a GENIUS if they excel in all subject? Or call someone BEAUTIFUL if they l...

  • A Flower In The Sand (Amianan nga Ilocos #2) COMPLETED
    1.4K 548 52

    The tiny hope inside her. Alquiya Jhoie Alverio, the daughter of the late wealthy and intelligent Engr. Alverio, was bound to marry someone she doesn't love, all planned by her step mother. Felt betrayed and abused, she ran away, disguised herself as a man and later on became a guard far away from home. She lives wit...

  • Between Dusk and Dawn (Amianan nga Ilocos #1) COMPLETED
    9.6K 1.5K 41

    Darkness consumed her life. Roxette Severaughn De Silva is a very hard working girl. As the only child of her single mom, Remy De Silva, she learned to be responsible at a young age. She helped her mom, a maid of a rich family, and later on became a maid too. She worked for the oldest of the family, Zetherence Clyde...