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  • A Little Rough Around the Edges
    75.2K 2.2K 16

    Denki Kaminari is a trans girl to guy. His dad is abusive and because of this, he is afraid to tell anyone else about him being trans. Until a certain insomniac changes all of that.

  • | Explosive Love |
    126K 5K 17

    Bakugou has always been alone. His so-called "friends" have always admired him solely because of his powerful quirk, but none of them cared enough to stay close. Even Deku kept his distance. Then he came into his life. The only person who truly wanted to befriend him. The boy who never went away, no matter how abrasiv...

  • Kirishima's Love
    40.8K 929 13

    I don't own the story. The story is by GabbyGabGabs