LoveMeAnyway's Reading List

  • The Waking Moon
    • tjmcguinn
    • 42 parts
    2M 16K

    Paulette’s life is in shambles. Her sister is dead, her mother is a drunk, and she’s been forced to transfer into a chaotic public school full of bullies. Thin...

  • Current events involving unicorns that the government covered up
    • sassybatmanrivera
    • 12 parts
    • Updated 2 years ago
    6.5K 184

    News flash: our governement has been hiding something BIG (and it's not that 9\11 was an inside job, or that the Jersey Shore cast is secretly surgically alter...

  • A Game Of Pretend (A Riley McDonough Story)
    • chessneyDAWN
    • 30 parts
    46.8K 825

    Riley is the new boy in town and its not long before all the girls are after his love, but in order to keep things sane and keep the girls at bay he enlists th...

  • British Guys Aren't Cute
    • UnicornFartGlitter
    • 38 parts
    1.3M 24.9K

    'Fact: British guys are not cute. Never have been; never will be!' Meet Nora. During the day, she's a crazed, Irish student trying to survive the insanity wh...

  • Rolling Dice [sample]
    • Reekles
    • 15 parts
    1M 10.6K

    [This book will be published by Random House in September 2013 in paperback and ebook format. This is a sample of the first fifteen unedited chapters.] They s...

  • Innocently Falling
    • MandyMuch
    • 37 parts
    • Updated a year ago
    8M 85.3K

    Luca is a player, who is handsome, caring, and above all extremely charming. Megan is the complete opposite, she is gorgeous but doesn't know it. Guys falls in...

  • Best Friends For Never
    • pialikesfood
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 8 months ago
    5.2M 107K

    Nate and Talia have always been best friends, right from the very start they were inseparable. For years Talia had been secretly crushing on Nate, but when he...