PiperMaxxwell's Reading List

  • The Promise (New Adult)
    988K 14.2K

  • My Life as a Walter Boy [Wattpad Sequel Only]
    12.5M 120K

    Cole Walter has just graduated college, but he can't find a job. When his mom finds him work in New York, he is thrust into the girl crazy world of Glitter Gir...

  • Sip of Assistance
    303K 4K

    Holly Preston had lost her job, her best friend, her home, and the man she loved. Now, three months later, she is back trying to piece together her life. Unf...

  • The Boyfriend Borrower.
    774K 22.9K

    Josh Preston is the boy that completely screwed up Brittany's views on love. He was the first guy to break her heart. After him, she discovers that if she does...

  • Enemies With Benefits (Up for Watty Awards!)
    • xosa29
    • 19 Parts
    • Updated 4 years ago
    2.6M 27K

    Penelope Reyes knows better than to trust any member of the Lyon family. She learned that the hard way. And when circumstances and obligations force her to wor...

  • Alone on Cloud 9
    1.7M 20K

    Everyone has that one guy. The one who broke your heart, the one who got away, the one you can't decide if you regret. Because the thing about first loves' is...

  • Promise Me (Book One of the Kirkland Family)
    7.2M 96.4K

    Hannah Baker cannot stand to breathe the same air as Justin Kirkland...but she adores his daughter, and his parents, and she even dated his younger brother bac...

  • Adam and Evie
    4M 75.8K

    What happens when last year's nerd becomes Hollywood's next superstar? Before she became Evie Chase, Hollywood's Golden Girl, Evie was nothing more than a nob...

  • His Revenge
    20.1M 239K

    Ethan Lachlan, wealthy businessman and CEO of a fortune 500 company had planned his revenge down to the very last detail...He would shake Erin Gosling's perfec...

  • Mr. Popular and I
    83M 1.2M

    "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly tru...