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    **FEATURED STORY IN HORROR!!**** "Through the sins of man and perversions of the wicked, when innocent blood is spilled by that that should not be, darkness will be born". When a dark beast of hell is unleashed and leaves a bloody massacre in it's wake, it is up to a reluctant James Crowley and tortured soul...

  • Palingenesis: A Witch's Origin
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    A witch finally passes the last of the trials separating her from the career she has always wanted, a coveted job title of sorts within her coven, but thanks to an unforeseen threat the future isn't as bright as she might have hoped.

  • Slaughter House
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    Angela has been living in a rundown apartment block for little over three months after a tragic accident destroys her home and family. As an aspiring reporter, she has a nose for a good story and is always snooping around where she shouldn't be. However when she discovers the scent of something big in Los Angeles, it'...

  • Never wake a Dragon (on hold)
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    The saying goes - don't poke the bear. It should be - don't poke a dragon. Adeem lives his life in the shadows of Stockholm, stealing memories from unsuspecting humans whenever it suits him. But with a knack for getting into trouble, and a serious hatred for authority, his life is about to take a turn. Finding out tha...

  • The Arranged Boyfriend Project
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    [Humour/Romance/BxB] Two intrepid vloggers take on a never-before-seen experiment for the sake of their viewers: to be each other's boyfriend for 28 days, no matter what. Dates, holding hands, living under the same roof ... the lot. They even vow to share sundaes without batting a flirtatious eyelid. But, for the dur...

  • Sin (Wattys Winner)
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    WATTY WINNER! Dead, dead, dead. Say it enough times and it becomes just another word. What would you do? Could you kill a killer? Does the death of one appease the deaths of a hundred? What about that hundred against a thousand? What if you had no choice? Meet Sin. No, not that sort of sin, but Sin, crazy as a loon (...

  • The Burden of Breaking Hearts
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    When a citizen in the kingdom of Hathorian commits a crime punishable by death, it's Darion's duty to extract the criminal's heart with a spell and crush it with his hands. He's been deemed the "Heart Breaker" by the citizens and is feared throughout the kingdom--even more so than the royal family themselves. During a...

  • And the Meek Shall Walk
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    Princess Aren is determined to make the human who killed her mother and exiled her people to the bottom of the ocean pay. To do so, she must go to extremes of pain and heartache in her search for justice. Aren, however, is no sweet, happy mermaid. To kill is to ignite a fire of passion in her heart which only the...

  • GOT GUTS? | Season 2 | How To Survive Human Trafficking
    3.9K 277 3

    Kevin doesn't wake up properly from his coma. Fragments of his memory are lost and his movements are heavy and disoriented. On top of all that, he finds himself living with Duke, the serial killer who tormented him the last week before his coma. Duke claims that he has changed. He promises Kevin that he will do everyt...

  • Goda's Slave (Lesbian, Dystopia, LGBT Fantasy)
    65.6K 2.8K 45

    The daughter of a wealthy baron, Kanna Rava has enjoyed privilege far beyond that of most of her impoverished countrymen. Torn abruptly from that life by a twist of fate--and politics--she finds herself sold into slavery by the central government and thrust into the hands of Goda Brahm, the cold and mysterious woman w...

  • Don't Let Me Rot
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    ~Her insides are rotting. She can smell her own decay~ Amorey has nothing to look forward to. She spends most of her time sleeping, and when she isn't sleeping strange thoughts overtake her. Sometimes she starts to think she isn't real. The only activity that makes her actually want to get out of bed is working in h...

  • Rosalind
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    In a land where snow has fallen for the past century, there is a myth of He Who Does Not Live, the legend of a beast who has brought a hundred years of chaos to nineteenth-century Transylvania. When Rosalind Hershel's father and brothers trespass on the beast's property, the monster who was once lord of the lands impr...

  • 6
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    6 is a perfect number. 6 was the age I was when I stopped receiving daily beatings from my father. 6 was the age I became me. Early years are often forgotten, trampled to dust by the stampede of Time. They become fragments that must be plucked from the air, disconnected yet still, somehow meaningful. My early years...