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  • Earth's Benevolent Alliance II: Intergalactic Intemperance
    771 198 11

    A sequel to the previous EBA; Years after Tanafar's devastation, the Benevolent Alliance sought and set a newer system, a newer alliance, to keep the last of the galaxy defenders strong. And over the years, the Supernoobs have faced deep grievances, and more threats and changes to the alliance are yet to come. With th...

  • The Royal Patron | Park Jimin Fanfiction
    13K 1.2K 18

    She's not perfect, she's a raging storm. He's utopian, yet far from Elysium. Kang Ambrosia: the quintessential femme fatale, an austere workaholic with absolutely ZERO time for romance. Perfect on the outside, yet an unfinished masterpiece. Park Jimin: a prince, the face of Sykaria. The most sought after man in th...

  • Angel Full of Flowers
    3.6K 1K 47

    Not everything is what it seems. ━━━━━━━━ When Camellia De León receives a scholarship for the prestigious Lunacrest Girls Academy, she can't help but be over the moon. She expects to live out her final two years of high school in full bliss, meeting like-minded friends and colleagues. On her first day there she meet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Trapped in a Tale
    1.2K 198 21

    Tressa Jackson, a girl kept indoors for most of her life by her overprotective parents, finds out that her mother is suffering from an unknown disease, such that the doctors don't even know what's happening. But with the help of an old storybook, her mother's family heirloom, she thinks she knows where to find the cur...

  • Broken
    2.5K 452 37

    " In life, you have two choices, to either allow yourself to break or break others " -- Unknown 🎭______________________________________🎭 For Morgan Stanley, a peaceful and happy life is way out of her reach. Having a bitter and introverted personality, She faces t...

  • Those Woods
    1K 302 41

    How can you miss someone even when you don't remember them? But yes, I miss them- my family, my past. What makes it worse is that I am only rummaging through the little flickers of the glorious past my mind can remember, yet I don't even know what I am truly missing. Is it the feeling of the longed love and warmth or...

  • Lovers Have Fallen (Editing In Process)
    1.5K 9 36

    When Jake and Raven meet, they get caught in the remnants of their parent's war that had left Jake an orphan. Will Jake forgive and forget, or will he avenge his family's death through Raven? Credit to @thepaintedshadows for the cover

    Completed   Mature
  • The Gangleader's Girl
    83.5K 1.2K 26

    His name is Xavier Knight.He is the most dangerous and powerful man. He is the leader of the most precarious and powerful gang called the 'Kings'. Wherever he goes people bow down in respect for him and nobody wants to get on the bad side of him or he can kill you with a snap of his finger. Daisy Rodriguez is a very s...

  • Billionaire's Princess
    113 20 5

    Octavia Sanchez and Leo Hernandez. He was 18 and she was 16. They fell in 'feelings' but he left for collage. Two years later he's back but ENGAGED. With old feelings involved and new people around let's find out what will happen with the two 'lovers'. Afterall was I ever important to him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Fallen Queen
    4.2K 1.6K 29

    [🥇1st Position in Watt-a-Mini Awards hosted by @nabs_xoxo : Most Unique Character Name (F)] [🥇1st Position in Starry Sky Mini Awards hosted by @NSGraphics1 : Best Blurb] [🥇1st Position in Rose Awards hosted by @SbCreations33 : Best Blurb] Fragile birds were never meant to fly. Metaphorically and practically. A bird...

    154 10 9

    "I need Cordell's head over my fireplace," Najee responded grimly. His fangs were out, as he licked Bryan's blood with his tongue. Death in his dark wine eyes. His hair wild. "I need his heart. I need....I need...death." How far would you go for the one's you love? The Toure vampire clan is the strongest and biggest...

  • The Original Eighth Graders: An Original Miller South Teens Story
    540 67 20

    "In the city of Akron, Ohio, there lived a group called the Original Eighth Graders. They do everything together, even if it gets them in trouble. They attend the Miller South School for the Visual and Performing Arts where they both are part of the drama department. But don't expect some boring romantic comedy or fan...

  • On The Edge
    1.3K 499 14

    Alexandra Watsons is young, beautiful and perfectly ordinary. She has her entire life all planned out for her, just like her mom says it should be. Everything should be perfect according to the plan, but of some reason she keeps feeling misplaced and lost. One day she meets Jackson, a dark haired boy with the most be...

  • The Diversity Story
    101 36 18

    In 1950s Alabama, Mary, an African American teen, desperately tries to help her friends leave an orphanage run by a cruel and racist couple: the Fletchers. One night, she meets Charlie, a white Yankee who happens to be from New York, located up North. Soon, the two orphans team up and plan their escape, while learning...