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  • The Most Wanted (Pearlshipping)
    7.9K 183 11

    3 most wanted thieves or you can say cleverest of all :- Ash,Gary and Drew. To stop these 3, 6 expert cops :- Dawn, Paul, Leaf ,Bary, May , Kenny. Now let's see what happens when they come in action..... And they find their love on their adventure.

  • No Return (The Return Series)
    6.1K 126 24

    Book 1 Ash Ketchum had supposedly died in that Forest Fire created by the Boss of Team Rocket Giovanni after being betrayed by the ones closest to him. But to the older Pokedex holders it made no sense. Giovanni was supposed to be dead, killed at the hands of his own son Silver who swore he would defeat his father. An...

    1.6K 25 4

    Dawn . A previous travel companion of Ash and his best friend comes to kanto for a day . But what's up with her strange behaviour ...... This is a pearlshipping story from august 2020 . And yes .... after so many years I still consider PEARLSHIPPING my OTP . It's almost 10 yrs since DP ended but it's said that Pokemo...

  • my opinion on Pokémon ships
    2.9K 84 13

    like the name says

  • Pearlshipping stories
    6.9K 91 8

    Here we have a collection of longer Pearlshipping stories. I don't own the art of the cover or Pokémon itself. In the first one: Dawn goes missing without warning or any trace. Ash is heart broken but tries to move on without luck. Why was she taken? Will she return? What will happen if she does? Will any of them get...

  • My Pearlshipping one shots
    17.3K 265 18

    For those of you looking for the Pearlshipping one shots from the combined book, you had come to the right place. All the old stories as well as knew ones will now be this book. Also, Ash and Dawn are in their mid to late teens in these. Unless it's like way in the future. I still try to update this whenever I can wi...

  • Two Hundred and Ten
    13.8K 823 29

    A Pokémon trainer has a story for every one of their Pokémon. It could be an intense battle, a lucky chance, or a life saving meetup, and each one is special in its own way. And how special would it be if you could do it for the entire Pokédex... The region of Sinnoh will release the next wave of Pokémon trainers very...

  • Destiny?
    3.3K 91 11

    Serena has become the pokemon showcase lady or whatever When she meets the old trio everything changes...

  • Ash Ketchum's Adventures Through Unova!!
    945 87 50

    Alright gamers Summary Time! This story will be following ash through his adventures through Unova! Except........ a few things will be different, mainly ash wont be an complete idiot but there's some other things that'll be a bit different... we might even go to other regions but I won't reveal too much. One more thi...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's time to be a Champion
    11.1K 186 10

    Follow Ash's journey through Sinnoh along with Dawn. A more mature, smart and less oblivious Ash! A different take on Ash's jouney in Sinnoh where he makes use of all his previous Pokemon along with the new ones and teaches Dawn about Pokemon battles and all, helping her to achieve her dream of becoming a Top Coordina...

  • Pearlshipping: Missing you
    5.4K 86 15

    With Ash in Kalos all he can think about right now is winning the Kalos League. And Dawn in Sinnoh she is feeling some regret about her past decisions with Ash. How does she plan on dealing with them?

  • The Only Exception
    161K 3K 66

    What happens when Ash encounters an old friend? How will Serena react seeing the boy she knew since childhood act so friendly towards someone that's not her? Read on. :) Decided I'd make a new story for all of you again and this time I'll only be concentrating on this one. Enjoy!