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  • maybe | hitoshi shinsou x reader
    194K 7.7K 24

    WARNING: i came back to give this story an ending after several years, so technically speaking it is not and never will be complete in the traditional sense. read at your own risk or whatever ------- You've joined class 1A after an unamed student was mysteriously expelled for mysterious reasons (*cough*Mineta*cough*)...

  • Flowers are Friends [Bnha] (Hiatus)
    923K 36.8K 59

    (Y/n) (L/n), she didn't have a very powerful quirk. But a quirk doesn't define a person, that was her state of mind. She joins UA under recovery girl as her assistant and though she isn't aware, her personality and clumsiness makes it hard for others not to fall. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Multiple love interests, female and male...

  • If Only / Villian Deku x Reader
    128K 4K 62

    (Y/n) is friends with Katsuki and Izuku ever since they were three years old. You grew a quirk alongside Katsuki, but Izuku never had his quirk. By the age of 14, you began to notice that bruises grew onto Izuku throughout his whole body. One day, it just happened. If only I was there for him. If I just ignored all my...

  • Todoroki's Little Sister
    921K 32.9K 58

    Shoto Todoroki is Endeavors' youngest son and his 'masterpiece' compared to his older siblings. However at the age of seven another child was born to the Todoroki family, a girl. From the moment she was born Enji knew... she was another masterpiece. And when her quirk manifested he began the same brutal training he d...