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  • On your knees
    1.6M 24.3K 27

    Warning: this book contains mature content and subjects that may be disturbing. Back away now if this isn't what you want to read. Annabella Briny, after quitting once again she stumbles upon a man who rescues her from a risky situation. Landing a job with her rescuer Liam Cadel, most known brain surgeon in San Franc...

    Completed   Mature
  • teacher's pet
    187K 2.6K 37

    "You are more reactive than cesium Clover, and it makes me explode." Sweet, caring, and brainy could describe one of Clover's best friends, Mr. Brenton, but what if he no longer wanted to just be her teacher, and would do anything to prove that? • High school was always a normal experience for Clover, and she could sa...

  • Her Toy
    1.5M 36.9K 35

    Falling in love with a sadistic toy maker was never part of the plan. The Toy Maker loving her back only made things interesting. The second book in the Pink Cherry series.

  • Kitten | 18+ {to be edited}
    2.4M 49.7K 58

    [ 18+ ] "Let my tongue explain how bad I crave you." He whispered softly, and then I was fully and completely his. ------- Is being edited at the moment but the story is still up! [**will contain sexual content/triggering themes, if you are under 18 I advise you not to read, but if you do I can't stop you.**] #1 : ita...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daisy's Daddies
    1.1M 22K 64

    He grabbed my hand and pulls it out of my panties and pops my finger into his mouth. "Mmm, princess you taste so good." He says deeply and I bite my lip. My private part feels like there's a heart beat in it. "But you broke one of your rules" my stomach drops. Hes right. I forgot that I wasn't allowed to touch myself...

    Completed   Mature
  • Innocent
    40K 853 27

    Capri never thought twice when she had to use her charm in her favor. She was sweet but manipulative. Innocent but bad. Calm but a storm. Her life has just made a drastic change with the death of her father, now in the hands of a man she's never met before but somehow trusted, by her dad, enough to assign him as her n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sadistic
    622K 8.8K 32

    ××××Mature Content×××× !!18+ Only!! (Bdsm, name calling and Rough sex.) /smut involved/ "Well surprise me, do what you want to do tonight. Just so I can see what you like and who you are." I said excitedly. He smirked, "You sure, darling?" I nodded in approval, "I'm sure." (Kit is an innocent girl just turned twen...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Little One
    1M 26.9K 31

    MATURE!! "Do you know what a dominant and a submissive is little one?" He asked. His eyes were steady, his fingers ceased movement all together. The rain still poured around them. She managed to shake her head. He smirked the same mischievous knee wobbling smirk he wore whenever she was around. "I have the personalit...

  • Mix of pleasure and pain
    295K 3.9K 21

    "You are ours" "what-what do you mean?" "We own you" "No one owns me" "Princess, princess, princess, that just costed you a punishment" ... This story contains graphic depictions of violence, sexuality, strong language, and/or other mature themes. ... This is my first ever book, so bare with me!

    Completed   Mature
  • Fabian (18+)
    49.3K 864 9

    "I'll tell you what, kitten, from now on you'll be my personal fuck." His words hit me like a ton of bricks. Never in my whole life did I imagine hearing those lewd words come from him, directed to me. I never expected that my stepbrother would be banging me in my own room while our parents are clueless downstairs. ...

  • Doomsday
    886K 19.4K 51

    "Please s....sir", a beautiful tremored voice came out of her. All three smirked at her pathetic condition, legs spread wide apart with her arms bound to a chain hanging from the ceiling, her mouth agape with drool running down her chin. The sight alone could make anyone cum. The buzz of the vibrator started again mak...

    Completed   Mature
  • S H A R E
    463K 12K 21

    "I don't understand... what do you mean 'you guys share?" "You're all of ours baby girl. We all want to love you, cherish you, kiss you, and fuck you all the same." ~ After running away from a neglective and abusive household Avery decides to take her chances on the streets. Upon running into a kind young man she en...

  • Fall Over [AXEL'S STORY]
    53.9K 1.4K 30

    [SOFT DD/LG] Axel: I never forgot her name and her beauty remains in my head, she was honest, real and genuine, rare traits that were hard to find in any girl in my position. She never made a move on me, always kept to herself when I saw her every time, sophisticated and luxurious that it was hard to figure out that...

  • His To Dominate
    408K 6.7K 19

    Stella went to a beach party with friends, not knowing what kind of party it was or who she would meet. Cole was a mafia king and dominant with a daddy kink who finds Stella. Innocent, shy, beautiful Stella who has no idea what is about to hit her, but in the end, Stella may just like Cole's dominant side. Stella is s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Innocent Nightmare| 18+
    1.7M 44.1K 96

    WARNING- READ THE *BEFORE YOU READ* MATURE CONTENT 18+🔞 MATURE RATED TRIGGER WARNINGS INCLUDED PLEASE DO NOT REPORT Bella is a high school senior who is forced to live with 4 guys, she never met before because of her stupid brother who decided he wanted to become a rock star. He gave her 2 options, take her place as...

  • He was King
    72.7K 2.8K 33

    He was King. He was cruel. He was everything everybody would fear. But she, she didnt. And exactly that was, what he couldnt stand. He hated her, she hated him. But between hatred and love is a very thin line. -~- Elisabeth Serano- A woman who has a sad past, which al...

  • My Boss
    64.8K 1.3K 17

    ❝there is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.❞ - In which a college student faces her feelings about two different men. - ⚠️mature scenes and language⚠️

    92.3K 859 4

    "GET THAT FUCKING PAPER" In which a young girl embarks on an encounter that not only shocks her to begin with one that keeps coming back in the name of pleasure

  • Luka
    28K 1.1K 17

    "What am I to you?", I questioned. He stared at me for a few seconds before answering."You really want to know?" I instantly nodded. I truly wanted to know if I meant at least something to him. He started making his way to me and with every step, he took forward, I took one backward. We carried on like this until my b...

  • DIVINE (18+) | (re-writing)
    23.2K 607 9

    Purity is the virtue of benevolence. A state of cleanness. Freedom from sin. And it was because of the way the innocence sparkled in her hazel eyes that he couldn't control himself. It was wrong and he knew it. But still he couldn't help but want to fulfill the fantasies that haunted his every nights. He wanted to cor...

  • Being his submissive
    372K 6.2K 26

    Anastasia is off to University where her path crosses with an ex classmate in an awkward situation. Dominic is Anastasia's ex classmate and bully. And after being convinced to trust him again they grow an attraction that either of them can ignore. Dominic introduces Ana to his world of bdsm. He "doesn't do girlfriend...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever Yours
    154K 3.4K 14

    Chevy Duvall has always been rebellious. Known by local law enforcement for causing trouble. No matter what happens though she knows she can always count on her best friend Dominic Rivera. Her ride or die, partner in crime. No matter what you call it these two were inseparable. Always hiding her true feelings for him...

  • Sweet Lana-Pop
    469K 13.4K 32

    [DD/LG] [Age Gap] ---------- Hana loves her cute little sister to death. Their relationship may be unhealthy to some but Hana doesn't care. Then in comes in a rich hot guy by the name of Killian. Killian is known around town as the 'Devil'. He doesn't care for many people, nor is nice to many but this one little teen...

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐄𝐔𝐏𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐀 | 𝟏𝟖+
    76.1K 1.8K 16

    My voice was almost a whisper, I didn't trust myself to speak as a gasp escaped my lips freely, my head tilting back into his chest as his breath fanned lightly across my neck. My eyes couldn't help but drift to Elliot across the room, his fingers digging into the desk that he was leaning backwards on, as he watched C...

  • Submissive
    107K 1.8K 23

    She's a submissive He's a dominant They both are kinky fucks She's shy He exists loudly They both are broken She's poor He's rich They both want love

    Completed   Mature
  • Potere | Book II
    2.2M 84.7K 31

    [BOOK TWO] [Voted #1 Best Action Story in the 2018 Fiction Awards] When the Russians dismantle one of the largest and fastest growing Italian Mafia family's in the States, war is declared. To avenge their friend's death, a fallen king, a washed up queen, a struggling couple, and a depressed brother must come back tog...

  • Bounty | 18+
    12K 248 6

    Elena Perez is a damn good bounty, they ask and she delivers. What happens if she doesn't, what if there's an emotional connection to someone she has a hit on that she just can't seem to hand him in. Enter Hunter Garcia and he's rude, standoffish and filled with secrets and temptation It'll only take the test of tim...

  • Fuck Me Harder (Sex with the Boy next door)
    1.7M 12.6K 12

    How did it come to this!? It was just sex. Drunk sex. I have a boyfriend. Shit Laura....get your crap together! Jesse meant nothing to me.... Right?

  • His Second Chance | ✔
    26.1M 789K 56

    "Stop eye-fucking me little one." Jax's voice was loud and clear through the mind link. I watch as he never looks at me but continues to laugh away with his pack members. How did he know I was completely checking him out? "Unless you want me to actually fuck you, then I think you should stop." I blush furiously and lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shameless
    321K 8.4K 34

    A boss and his assassin. what could go wrong? Betrayal? Heartbreak? Death? Love? Sabotage? Vincent Ramirez Cold- hearted Leader of the Italian mafia Cares for no one 24 Kills anyone in his way Feared by many Delilah Ross 22 Party animal Craves revenge Assassin for the Italian mafia Messing with her is the las...

    Completed   Mature