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  • A Dream
    20 4 1

    This story involes a boy named Noah and he just loves skateboardin it makes him feel like he can do anything. Which he doesn't get a lot after his dad and his mom died in a plane crash he has never bent the same and to top it off his grandparents on his mom sides thinks it's all his dad fault saying that he persuade h...

  • Midnight Star
    254 24 7

    ~This is my first time writing a story on Wattpad I would appreciate any votes • Jason Bright is blind and omega of his packed abused and lost of hope will Jason be able to find a piece of light in his dark world and shattered life. •Adien Brooks is a kindhearted and lovable guy soon to be alpha of pack midnigh...

  • A Storm of Tears
    206 16 4

    •Jalex Caliborn is 16 years old and is a Hybrid mixed with werewolf & wizard.He is abused by his pack and family. He is from England but his first language is Arabic but he is fluent in English kinda but he talks more in Arabic. Will he be able to get out of his pitch black hollow depth of his painful world? •Fabien I...