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  • The Player Game
    1.2M 31.2K 25

    'Whoever falls in love first loses.' When daring Emily Rosser meets the arrogant player, Aaron Nichols, the two of them clash immediately. However, upon coming across a picture online, the invention of their very game is inspired, where the critical rule is 'whoever falls in love first loses.' WATTY AWARDS 2012

    7.3M 140K 76

    PUBLISHED ON AMAZON.COM Avalon has spent her entire life on her family's Cattle Station in Northern Queensland. In her eyes there is nothing sweeter than working the land and spending as much time on horseback as possible. Due to her parents' divorce she is forced to move in with her Mother in a city beach suburb as p...

  • The Hero In You
    10.9K 323 2

    Nerd by day. Hero by night.

  • Bring Me To Life (Book One Complete!)
    2.6K 97 13

    Ivy Wiles' biggest problem in school used to be getting the attention of her biggest crush. Now that Rex is single, that issue is gone but worse things are just getting started. Ivy begins to see visions and dreams of Rex being tortured... and the voices she hears tells her that the only way to save him is by killing...

  • The Tug of Wars
    38.7K 1.4K 66

    The Mahildrim Empire looks to expand again. They cover the Known World. Can they be stopped or do the people of Aliad, and those leading them, have enough to stop them? In this tug of war every battle, sometimes every decision and kill will affect the outcome.

  • The Histories of Aliad
    1.6K 133 8

    A series of histories about Aliad the main focus of The Tug of Wars. They follow Futuatis and Gladatoria as they discover the lands that will be known as Aliad and that lands aren't as easy to take as they first thought.

  • [ s k i n n y l o v e ]
    195K 11.4K 9

    skinny love : (n.) when two people love each other, but are too shy to admit it, even though they still show it. Paristella's Contest ~ Round 2 [ Short Story #54 / Romance #240 ]

  • Twenty For A Dozen
    379K 13.9K 24

    When birthday planner Kira Joy volunteers at a kissing booth to support her brother's high school prom, she is paid a dozen hundred dollars by a very handsome stranger. In return, Kira takes business graduate West Moreno, the man who has never celebrated a birthday, on a life rediscovery trip. Now she owes him twenty...

  • Adam&Audrey
    265K 8.9K 25

    [Humor #184 / Romance #259] Meet Adam. A nineteen year old college freshman ready to take on the world with his best friend Audrey by his side. But when Audrey hatches a scheme for Adam to start a blog to help him lose his virginity, things start to get a little out of control. Far-fetched rumors and impromptu dates...

  • The Bad Boy, His Kitten & Me
    172K 6.3K 8

    [Humor #115 / Teen Fiction #158] - 13/4/14 "Jane, did you hear? Noah Flynn is back." "Noah who?" ~ Jane Doe isn't a murder victim. She's a bitchy head cheerleader-to-be with a secretly nerdy brain and a secretly-er hopeless romantic heart. Noah Flynn isn't holy -- unless of course you're talking about his looks. He's...

  • Forgotten Shadows
    31.9K 953 18

    The son of a knight. The son of a king. The daughter of a healer. The daughter of the future. One curse. Two brothers. Three shadows. Four elements. King Edward made a mistake. Unfortunately, he hasn't realised it yet. Four heroes from the corners of the world will unite with fate and discover lost secrets while uncov...