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  • Dark Depths
    16.3K 794 12

    **PUBLISHING 6/20/2017** Mermaids are soulless, flesh-eating monsters of the sea, wicked in all ways-but some are born with more humanity. Nathaniel Thomas believes in monsters. He's seen his share since joining the pirate crew of the Blood-Red Siren. Tales are rampant, especially of mermaids-the deep sea nymphs. With...

  • Loveseat Nights
    43.6K 2.1K 12

    Yesterday, Mona Lieber saw something she shouldn't have. Now she's got an ignorant boy wrapped around her finger, teaching him a lesson about the arts of entertainment. Today, Adrien Finkwell is suffering through 28 nights of classic movies. If he doesn't, one very snarky girl will spill a dark secret of his. They b...

  • Nevermor - (Book 1)
    21.2K 567 5

    Epic, mind-bending, and as sweet as it is vicious, Lani Lenore’s Nevermor is a dark fantasy based on the legend of Peter Pan, geared toward a more mature audience. Recommended for 16+ – In 1873, 15-year-old Wren longs to escape her life in a London orphanage. Prompted by a world she sees in a dream, Wren begins to be...