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  • Cinderella (SasuNaru yaoi)
    18.2K 770 7

    It's not easy living without parents. Naruto parents died of unknown causes and he was left alone. NOT. He was taken in by one hell of a bitch, with one queen of bitch daughter and one just bitchy daughter. Working his ass off he for them. but his whole world is turned around meeting fairy godmother....... but does sh...

  • Love is just a game (SasuNaru)
    268K 11.8K 36

    In Konoha High, there were two infamous heartbreakers - Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. They would have new lovers every week. Despite such a reputation, girls can't help to fall for their charm and attractiveness. Naruto Uzumaki was sick and tired of Sasuke Uchiha winning most of the time, and with that, amongst al...

  • "Now, Now detective ~"
    18 2 1

    A Celestgiri story ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was on my way to my car when I heard a familiar voice..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Celest......?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (I'm sorry this is my first finished fic 😭, it's probably not that good but ,yea) ( They might not act the way they do in the show because...

  • No One Told Me
    31.7K 1.2K 7

    AU where whatever is drawn on a person's skin shows up on their soul mate's skin. Naruto is an artist. He never knew that every time he drew on his skin that it showed up on his soul mates'. He didn't even know that soul mates existed! What happens when he looks down at his arm and sees something he didn't write? *Ch...

  • F*ck Buddy *UNDER EDITING*
    233K 7.8K 69

    A sasunaru story... F*ck buddy This is a story about a guy (Naruto Uzumaki) who just wants to find happiness in his life. One day in senior year he meets a guy Sasuke Uchiha. They talk, laugh joke around but they even hook up on low. Naruto soon catches feelings as they start to hook up more and more, but what happens...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha To My Omega [SasuNaru]
    54.5K 1.9K 9

    Society is shaped into a hierarchy comprised of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Ranking from highest to low. An alpha is the highest for being the strongest and most elite, while omegas are at the lowest. They usually aren't taken as serious and are looked down for their ability to be a "motherly figure" or being "feminine...

  • All the pain he hides
    50.4K 1.3K 17

    Naruto and team 7 is coming back from a mission and discover somethings about Naruto. Team 7 sometimes finds Naruto crying in his sleep and having silent panic attacks.What will they do? Will they help him or ignore him like everyone else? After discovering Naruto's problems he starts to show his true self. Might be...

  • Blood in the water [Kakairu]
    26.7K 1.1K 12

    why did Kakashi show up a foot away from death in Iruka's apartment why did Iruka agree to babysit the jonin through physical therapy why is it that the harder both of them try to push any feelings away they keep coming back _________ TW for mentions of suicidal tendencies/thoughts. Another Kakashi is a mess and Iru...

  • Uchiha
    311K 16.9K 38

    "Sasuke..." "Hm?" "...Are you sure you're not gay?" Nov 20, 2015 - ???

  • I love you, not her (SasuNaru)
    105K 3.8K 10

    Sasuke and Naruto have been best friend's since they were really young, and still are, but then Sasuke started dating Sakura which meant that they both don't really hang because Sasuke is always with Her. But they both have feelings for each other but they don't know yet :3 Will they eventually become lovers? or stay...

  • sasunaru Cinderella story
    12.2K 381 9

    what if Naruto never went to school ? what if he was servant to the family ? what if that all changes ?

  • Insecurities
    108K 5.5K 19

    [NaruSasu] Naruto is a mess, finding pleasure in men since he believes his life to be hell. Things happen and as usual, they can only get worse: Sasuke's an asshole and thinks he can play around with both Sakura and Naruto, and its all for his own game to gain popularity. Minato has issues with his son, and the mom...