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  • What is #FreetheMuslimWoman?
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    Everything you need to know about this campaign.

  • Gaza: The Unrewarded Courage
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    This is not a story, nor any scripted article. It's a voice from my heart to the people of Gaza and all the Muslims all over the world who are under the unjust rule. May Allah protect them. May Allah bring peace. Ameen

  • Palestine will be free
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    Palestine is one of the bravest country in the world. Believe it or not. We fight for a reason. For our, for our family. For everyone who deserves a right.

  • Just ... A Bottle of Ink
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    The words of the unwritten story Lay scattered across blank pages, Waiting to be picked up and chosen And pen the unwritten ages. But the pen pauses above the void, Hovering undecided in the air, Failing to choose of the swirling words And paint the childhood lair.

  • In Love With my Brother's Murderer
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    Losing someone close always leaves a permanent scar but will you be willing to accept someone responsible for their death?

  • Hadiths
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    If you want to change, if you want to repent, if you want Allah to forgive your sins, if you want paradise. Hasten. Hasten to fasting, Hasten to night prayer, Hasten to Allah's mercy, Hasten to Allah's generosity. We say 'tomorrow I will repent.' 'I will.' "But tomorrow." Allah said in the glorious Qur'an: And do not...

  • You Need to Know (Quotes from Imam Ghazali)
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    Quotes from Imam Ghazali, the Islamic revivalist who lived 900 years ago, whose work still speaks today.

  • Taste it! How to Taste the True Beauty of Salah
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    A Summary of Mishari Al-Kharraz’s Lecture Series “How to Taste the True Beauty of Salah” Kuwait 2008 By Mona Hubbi Free for copy/distribution Food possesses a special flavor. So does play. So does the spending of money. Even laughter has its special flavor. All these flavors share a similar pleasure, but the pleasure...

  • Writing Stuff (Publishing Opportunities, Contests, Tips, Jokes, Etc)
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    Okay, that joke got old real fast. This is just a book wherein I shall post about good opportunities for all of us hopeful authors to get paid for our writing. Writing contests, publishing opportunities, writing tips, etc. Have a look inside and see what interests you, happy writing!

  • Our Three Winners #DeahYusorRazan
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    "Deah=light, Yusor=easiness, Razan=straight (مستقيم). It is no coincidence that Allah SWT (God) chose the three that literally describe the path to Jennah (paradise)" - Layla Barakat (Mother of Deah Barakat) The three left the world, were shot dead by an atheist, but they left behind a legacy. They are our inspiration...

  • Knowledge Every Muslim Should Have (Book One)
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    [G] Articles written solely by myself on things every Muslim should know or be aware of using authentic sources. Cover: Zammurad

  • 3arab Down Under.
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    Do you drink your tea to the sound of animated yelling, exaggerated stories, simmering political debates, and your three hundred relatives running around? Are you interested in controversial topics surrounding the interaction between the West and Islam? Do you like debates? Do you like putting your opinion out there? ...

  • Rebellions and Reflections
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    Funny, how Things are only worth crying over When they're written down in pretty words, In a flurry Of posh phrases and metaphors. Copyright © 2017 Haala Marikar

  • The Fitnah of Islamic Stories
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    Do not let your book be a reason for Allah to be upset with you. The fundamental issue of the growing library of Islamic books on Wattpad is the spiritual accuracy of the concepts that they explore. The reason I'm writing this book is because I've come across too many mistakes in Islamic books, particularly the roman...

  • The Virtuous
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    Love does not come comes with many hardships. But once you taste it you'd understand that all the hardships were worth it......... Ameera's life had never been easy....she had suffered all her life..but once she meets Aamir, the love of her life she realizes that all those years of hardship were worth it...

  • Not So Easy
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    "Just take it off!" she jeered. "Your parents aren't around, Aishah!" I shook my head at her in annoyance. "Sorry, not sorry! Allah's here you know..." She stalked off in frustration, hair bouncing on her shoulders. I exhaled in relief, then laughed softly to myself. Some friend she turned out to be. There was no w...

  • Great Expectations (1861)
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    On Christmas Eve, around 1812, Pip, an orphan who is about six years old, encounters an escaped convict in the village churchyard while visiting the graves of his mother, father, and siblings. The convict scares Pip into stealing food and a file to grind away his shackles, from the home he shares with his abusive olde...