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    BOOK 2. CRESCENT FALL PACK. He's arrogant. He's strong He's brutal He's a monster No one knows who Savage truly is, except his family, pack and closest friends, he's mateless but that hasn't stopped him from living his life, after all his papa found love later in his life, plus somehow his heart already belongs to an...

  • The badboy's boy
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    The Badboy's boy |finished| "what did I do this time?" I screamed in his face. He closes his eyes, taking a deep breath. "if I see you with him again, you'll both regret it" he whispers into my ear. "why are you doing this ? " I asked desperately, nearly crying. "because you're mine and mine only" he chuckled darkly...

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  • The Male Luna (MxM) (Complete)
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    ''Dude! Let go!'' I yell, my voice muffled by the wall of flesh smashing my face. My one arm was still being held secure in the guy's grip and my other hand is now pinned to my side. Desperate to escape I resort to just wiggling my whole body, thrashing around to try and get loose. Instantly, I'm released and my anger...

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  • It Hurts ~ Larry Stylinson
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    Louis William Tomlinson. An 18 year old boy living with Tourette syndrome- a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary tics and vocalizations and often the compulsive utterance of obscenities. "I didn't want to tell you that I was hurting, Mom. I didn't want you to worry about me.." Harry Edward Styles. A 2...

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  • From hate to love (BxB) COMPLETED √
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    A young man is forced to marry the much older Kristof, who isn't only known as the wealthiest person in the country, but also as an ugly, flawed, and grotesque man. Will Armin look past his new husband's imperfect looks and perhaps even learn to love him one day? Happy ending. 18+ ••• This story is heavily inspired...

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    Liam; istg if no one sends nudes soon I'm leaving. PURELY CRACK W/ SOME FLUFF & SMUT

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  • Instagram (l.s)
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    •completed• Harry Styles is a famous model/actor and Louis Tomlinson is a famous singer/football player. Two completely different people will be brought together from fans shipping them as 'Larry Stylinson'. //an instagram story//

  • Fanpage - L.S.
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    Louis William Tomlinson is a well known singer. Four lads become friends through their love for Louis, but one of them has a huge secret... Highest Rankings: #14 in famouslouis

  • Married to Three (bxb)
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    My name is Evan Reynolds. Just a regular guy with dreams and aspirations with charming looks to add. Never thought that fate would cause me to become a Centroid being in arranged marriage with not one but three guys . Fate is cruel and life sucks.. is that so?? Let's find out.

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  • Royal Family [Zianourry]
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    They lived happily ever after.....Or did they? [Zianourry Prince AU! Sequel to Royal Affairs]

  • Dominated By The Nerd BxB (Short Story)
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    The handsome and wealthy 'nerd' dominating the strong football quarterback? Talk about role reversal ♤♡◇♤♡◇♤♡◇♤♡◇♤♡◇♤♡◇♤

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  • virgin pink - l.s. book one
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    the AU were Louis falls for his moms new boyfriend, but he doesn't seem to like Louis, mainly because he's straight.

  • Conversation of emotion (Baby Boy)
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    (Completed) (Used to be baby boy) (No longer allow translations) Being sold in a bidding room sounds like something terrible, but is it really? (If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all.🐇) Larry stylinson bdsm story Highest rankings: #1 in toplouis #1 in daddylouis #1 in babyHarry #3 in larry #4 in...

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  • Doubt You| l.s (mpreg) ✔️
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    "I know you watch me, through the crack of the door, when i touch myself." ~~~~~ Where Harry's fiancé's 20 year old cousin, Louis, moves into their house and Harry does everything to resist the temptation. Louis was throwing himself at him, offering his body to Harry, to help Harry forget the issues in his relationshi...

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  • Complicated ✧ Larry Stylinson
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    au; Louis accepts a high-paying nanny job in order to help his roommate pay the bills. The only thing is that his boss, Harry, is taking time off of work and he's really attractive and it's hard to focus on a baby when there's a 6 foot tall hot man walking around the house all day. or in which Louis works for Harry...

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    Zayn is your "typical model" he's rich, arrogant and "too good for you". His friends are always celebrities and when he's not working, he's partying in a night club, well...this is what media say. In reality Zayn is nothing like that. He's a shy and quiet guy. His heart is made of gold but people can't see that. H...

  • keep me » larry a.u.
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    Harry is pregnant. Louis has cancer. Louis thinks they're in pretty deep shit. Harry's trying to be optimistic. Sure they're still in school, and Louis' very weak, and Harry's mum is not super happy with him, but they'll get through it. At least, they hope so.

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  • Mayhem with the Styles triplets
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    Louis Tomlinson was Adopted by the styles family when his own didn't want him after figuring out he was an Omega. He didn't know and still doesn't know the reason why they didn't want him. He was 3 at the time. Now he is 17 and everyone just assumed he was a betta. Until his first heat..... COVER MADE BY: Stylinson_La...

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  • 3 Kings
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    Louis is the omega if his kingdom that is ruled by his father. He is in a arranged marriage with the neighboring kingdom of Cheshire. He is a shy and quiet boy and gets extremely nervous around alphas. So what will happen when he has to be mated with three? Will he go thru with it or will he risk his peoples peace? Al...

  • Royal Affairs [Zianourry]
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    Prince Zayn Malik's life in which his four husbands play a major kinky role.

  • My cellmate (BxB) EXCERPT
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    MATURE CONTENT. An 18-year-old moved from the juvenile center to an adult prison facility and needs to take measures in his own hands to keep himself safe. He offers his new cellmate a deal... +=+=+ This story contains sex, violence, mentions of sexual abuse, and swearing. I...

  • What Lies Within Loyalty
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    ~Zourry AU~ A short story on the relationship between three band members after one left the band and their romance. On a heartfelt day, they meet again on bad terms. The battle between love and loyalty soon resurfaces. "What's the difference?" "There's a huge difference!! Love is just an emotion, an emotion that ca...

  • Say Something (Larry AU) *mpreg*
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    Plot Idea by @louislovesharryyy28 Cover Background by @forbehs - Harry has been mute his entire life. He isn't physically unable to speak, he just chooses not to. He and Louis have been dating since secondary school. They are now in uni, and when Harry finds himself pregnant, they run into some obstacles.

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  • daddy becomes a daddy || larry {mpreg!}
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    fanfiction in social media form mpreg ! top!louis & bottom¡harry [start - 30 August 2020, end - 29 january 2021] [final editing - 13-16th november 2021]

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  • Nerdy Princess - Complete | L.S
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    LARRY. Harry is a mob boss and Louis is his little hacker. Nobody messes with the bosses nerdy Princess, until somebody does. Complete.

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll be your slave
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    " Now Harold are you sure that you want to do this ?" Blue eyes asked. " Yes I'm sure I want to do it." " Say it , say what you are going to do ." I took a deep breath and sighed " Ill be your slave ." #1 in bottomHarry

  • No such thing as too many
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    Having a baby is not something most teenagers plan to do. Harry and Louis are no exception. - Obvious mpreg/abo[bottomlouis] Not fully edited but good enough - Spanish version on @LouHazz_Spanish

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blood Hounds | L.S [✓]
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    ▪C O M P L E T E D A T 9 9 . 6 K▪ "Are you afraid of me, Beau?" Harry asked huskily, and Louis shivered at the intense look in the Alpha's eyes. Louis didn't answer, making Edward smirk in amusement. His smirk dropped when Harry's eyes flashed red. "Well, you should be." OR 《In which Harry is an Alpha mafia don who...

    Completed   Mature