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    "I-i'm s-s-sorry i-i did-didnt-" "Jimin it's okay deep breaths" started: 11/12/17 ended: 5/8/19 Ranks #132 Vmin #83 Vmin #55 vmin #43 Vmin #55 vmin #27 Vmin #71 vmin #21 Vmin #18 Vmin #3 Vmin

    Completed   Mature
  • varsity | vmin
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    ❝Our secret is safe with me.❞ In which the nerdiest boy in school, Park Jimin, falls for the biggest jock in school, Kim Taehyung. ©magicjimin | 2018 ↳ COMPLETED.

  • BLOOD.
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    ❝red looks so beautiful on your pale skin.❞ a vmin fanfiction. ©-ohmytae

    Completed   Mature
  • Crystal Snow (Jikook)
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    Abandoned by the owner a hybrid can only live for 48 hours. During the coldest night in a century Jimin was left for certain death in a winter forest, without hope for survival until Jungkook found him. In this merciless world where hybrids are just bed toys for humans, can the little fox change the price's heart? To...

  • Needed (JiHope)
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    Fanfiction Jimin didn't need a friend, or so he thought. "Why do I need you?"

  • Wonder || JiKook
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    "Jungkook?" "I'm here." "I'm.... I'm scared.." - "Wonder" is a fantasy-romance book that is written by wordcouture in AO3, completed in 2015. Though, it only incredibly grew widely known among the fans by 2020. Even up to this day, it still is never forgotten because of its beautifully written plot with amazing skills...