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  • His Unwanted Wife
    788K 27.9K 30

    #1 in General Fiction on 22/07/2017 #1 in General Fiction on 20/06/2017 #2 in General Fiction on 06/06/2017 Anika is your average Indian girl who loves her family, likes to spend time with her friends and enjoys every little thing in her life. But suddenly fate intervenes and she finds herself married to the love of h...

  • The Beast
    67.1M 2.2M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • Beyond Just Love
    63.6K 1.8K 45

    An Arjun-Sakshi fan fiction....

  • The Billionaire Playboy's Ward [Under Revision]
    13.3M 250K 27

    Isabella Stanford never thought that one day she would have the Playboy Billionaire hottie for a guardian but did when her parents died in a tragic accident and left him with that responsibility. Now, ten years later, she discovers that the big crush she had always had for the badboy was still very much alive and he w...

  • A Sister's Place
    67.2K 3.8K 41

    The phones ring day and night. Desperate women calling seeking shelter after incidents of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. It is the responsibility of founder and director, Irene Jefferson, to keep the doors open. Recently injured and in need of funding to remain open, Irene runs into wealthy and handsome Jeff...

  • Billionaire's Indian Bride.
    1.7M 58.1K 53

    He had pinned her between the wall and his lower body, the only thing which was maintaining some distance between there upper bodies were her hands which she had placed in front of her instinctively. She opened her mouth to protest but she was silenced by his angry kiss. She tried to keep her mouth closed but as he bi...

  • Amidst Mumbai & Mantras
    1.1K 52 4

    What would you expect from a typical Indian family? Hypocrisy, melodrama, cheesiness and overloads of emotions!That was exactly how Samaira saw her family. Living with her parents and elder brother was not easy, especially dwhen they shared rhyming names. It was always tough to make sacrifices for an undeserving broth...

  • Tied D Knot
    1.6M 60.2K 47

    The plot is in India and revolves around a quiet girl Samyra and handsome Anshuman and transformation of their arranged marriage into love and is spiced up with the entry of an ex and a dashing guy. #72 in Romance (20/12/2017) #50 in Romance (03/09/2015) #50 in Romance (16/09/2015) #39 in Romance (18/09/2015)(20/12/20...

  • On Bended Knee
    987K 29K 19

    After her relationship publicly explodes, physiotherapist Lucy MacKinley decides that the mature way to handle it is to run away from home. But in the remote town she's fled to, she finds that British heartthrob Frederick Asherton is not only filming a movie in town, he's landed himself on her exam table. Frederick is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bending Steele
    1.8M 101K 68

    He was dangerous, she knew it. That kiss confirmed it. But not the kind of dangerous where she feared for her safety. Oh no, this was a decadent kind of dangerous. One she could quickly become addicted to. The kind she could end up dying for. Abigail Lane was a woman on the run. Ambiguity her closest friend. New York...

  • Never Alone
    315 9 14

    An innocent soul… An angel to protect…. Time is running out… In the world when all wants power… who will survive? Will that sacrifice bring back the ultimate power of all…. Love!!!

  • Forever Yours (Forever Series Book 2)
    800K 20.1K 35

    He wanted her from the first moment he saw her. She was the most innocent creature he had laid eyes on and the most beautiful.. He would do anything to make her his.. Anything. For Ria, life is almost perfect with her college and music till one incident causes her beg in front of the ruthless tycoon Zian.. ...

  • Autumn Hearts (Updated Regularly)
    39.2K 1.2K 23

    Meet Penelope Ross, 27, raven haired beauty. A miserable talented Hollywood actress. Having just been thrust into mega stardom with the release of her new blockbuster film, she's running from paparazzi and screaming men who all want a piece of her flesh. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine a life where report...

  • 1104 Stafford Avenue
    4.5K 832 20

    Wear the ring. Save the house. Jamie Madison and Matt Norris are both in desperate times of their lives. Both cases that were inevitable. Jamie needs Matt's property to hide away from her ex-boyfriend, and Matt needs Jamie to sign the marriage papers in order to keep the house. They could ignore their past experiences...

  • The Lady in Red
    606 28 3

    She is powerful, detached and a mystery to all.. Her face remains inscrutable and her secrets, locked in a corner of her cold heart even in the most adverse times. It is only when the night falls, that she whispers her secrets but there is no one to hear them. She has made some mistakes that she will regret for as lo...

  • Damaged and Afraid
    97.6K 4K 20

    Sanjana and Arjun are from a small village in India. They secretly met each other and fell in love. Soon, Arjun changed. He'd done some unthinkable things to Sanjana that had broken her inside and made her becomed damaged. Sanjana is forced to move to America with her Aunt because her family has disowned her. Th...

  • Learning to Love
    5.3M 129K 55

    Aman and Priya were forced to have an arranged marriage as part of a business deal made by their fathers. Aman Verma is a shrewd businessman. He is a total womanizer and fears commitment. Priya Malhotra may belong to a rich family but was sheltered from the wealthy lifestyle and given an upbringing immersed in tradi...

  • Destiny
    404K 13.2K 28

    When Siddarth met Gauri, for him it was love at first sight. It took him awhile to gain Gauri's trust enough to give him one chance. He made a promise to her knowing he would not hurt her given her insecurities and low self-esteem, but unfortunately circumstances forced him to hurt the person he loved the most in th...