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  • The Game Has Changed (Completed!)
    190K 2.8K 52

    Jason Tripp was her best friend/cousin. They did everything together. The were born on the same day, same hour, within the same month but a year apart. But things aren't what they seem in a small upscale town. Beneath the beauty of the town and the friendly people. A secret feud has been brewing and things are about t...

  • One of the Boys
    28.6M 453K 60

    Samantha Evans. A 17-year old girl in her Senior Year of High School. Stereotype says that she should be worrying about what outfit she's going to wear and what boy she's going to date, but Samantha has a different plan. For Samantha, her Senior Year is all about proving that she deserves to be the Quarterback for Wes...

  • ~Breaking Me Down~
    458 6 5

    Eliza Province was your normal 15 year old girl. Raised in a small Alabama town she had the perfect family. A doting, loving mother. A twin brother Elijah who is her best friend and shoulder to cry on. Plus the cutest, sweetest little sister ever, Leigha. But after moving to Nashville, Illinois dark secrets leak out...

  • The Library
    13.1K 627 7

    For every loss, there must be a gain. Sophie Jacobs is a romance bookworm and a writing prodigy. Her writing skills stretch back to her early days, when she was just learning to hold a crayon. She would sit side-by-side with her mother, with a computer set in front of her with a keyboard sturdy enough to keep up with...

  • Pyromaniac
    2.3K 85 8

    She is materialistic, mean, and intimidating. She is sarcastic, hard to please, and even harder to like. Estella Churchill is the richest girl in town and reigns over her university, wielding her popularity like a battle-ax. He, on the other hand, is genuine, humorous, and easygoing. He’s the harmless and idiotic woma...

  • Intertwined and Unexpected
    4.3K 141 19

    Amberlynn is the most popular girl in school. She has everything; the perfect boyfriend, the perfect family, the perfect friends... But what happens when her perfect world starts crashing down, twisting into her worst nightmare? Chloe is the girl who’s been humiliated. She seems to be the opposite of Amberlynn: Chloe...