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  • Alone In Tombstone
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    The Southwest Air profile asked for stories about kindness that are rooted in travel, and this is what came to me--a memory of a long ago visit that made a young girl's adventure all the sweeter. #SouthwestContest

  • The Ripple
    109 4 1

    [ TOP 10 FINALIST] A story of how, in this ocean of kindness, we are all droplets capable of causing a ripple. Ripples have a way of changing the world. This is my entry for the Southwest Storytellers: On The Rise writing contest sponsored by Southwest Airlines. I've been proudly obsessed with SWA for well over a dec...

  • Finding Home • #SouthwestContest
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    The Southwest: Storytellers on the Rise Writing Contest TOP TEN FINALIST • • • A submission for The Southwest: Storytellers on the Rise Writing Contest hosted by @SouthwestAir Prompt: "...[s]hare a fictional story that sends your character to a destination where an act of kindness in a travel experience leaves a pos...

  • Stranded
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    Alice and Grace break down on their way to their new college. A kind stranger stops to help them, and they decide to repay the favor down the road. For the Southwest Airlines contest.

  • Wings
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    Two sisters travel to Buffalo to honor the memory of their father

  • Jelly Donuts or Crullers?
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    It doesn't hurt, to be kind... -Short Story :)

  • Destinations
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    It doesn't matter where you're going. It matters how you FEEL about where you're going. An entry to the Southwest: Storytellers on the Rise Contest #SouthwestContest