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  • Doflamingo x Reader {The Girl In The Guesthouse}
    28.8K 1.1K 33

    (Y/n) finds herself facing eviction but an ad for a guesthouse catches her eye. Her only problem is that her landlord is a serial killer. She's not his victim though but could that change? Could he stop his murderous ways when he starts to have feeling for the girl in his guesthouse? Read on to find out~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Mjosgard x OC {She Remained}
    32 3 1

    Mjosgard might be the only Celestial Dragon I can stand so he gets a little one shot

  • Charlotte Kato x OC {Every Face Wears A Mask, Where's Yours?} AU
    87 5 4

    Anyone can hide their feelings behind a smile though for one boy he's hiding his entire self behind a helmet and orange body paint. This is a different take on Charlotte Kato. I had only planned it to be short though it become something else as more words and feelings found there way onto the page. I know Kato's not...

  • Trafalgar Law x Reader {Obsession} AU
    52.1K 1.2K 37

    (Y/n) hates doctors and needles but her Mother has already scheduled her an appointment with a new doctor since her regular is unavailable. She just wanted to get her physical exam and flu shot over with but a certain doctor has other plans for her. Let's just hope this yandere doctor doesn't have poor intentions for...

  • Yandere!Laffitte x Reader {Mine}
    326 14 2

    Another one shot for Laffitte and a hint of yandereness as well.

  • Laffitte x Reader {The Demon Sheriff}
    137 6 1

    This is just a little one shot between Laffitte and Reader. I might end up doing more with him in the future but for now it's just the one. ---------- I Do Not Own One Piece or It's Characters!

  • Kidd x Reader {I'll Protect You} AU
    6.4K 283 13

    (Y/n) isn't crazy but she's locked in a mental hospital. She doesn't remember much about herself and just wants to escape from the evil doctor. Kidd's a misfit who has to work community service at the hospital, and as fate would have it their paths cross. Though will he be able protect the girl from the doctor? Read...

  • Doflamingo x Reader {Don't Open The Door}
    17.9K 555 12

    You shouldn't have opened that door. All the warning signs were there but you chose to ignore them now what will your mistake cost you. Read on to find out. Had this idea in my head so I thought I'd write it down to share with everyone else. Hope you all like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~ **Word Count - 21,398** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do...

  • Doflamingo x Reader {Home Alone}
    29.7K 1.2K 29

    A mix between the One Piece anime and the Home Alone movies, with the lovely Doflamingo as one of the robber's trying to rob Reader-Chan's house after she has been left home alone. This is a slow build but as the story continues, Doflamingo will slowly grow more attached to the Reader ~~~~~~~~~ **Word Count - 47,684*...

  • Doflamingo x Reader {Kidnapped by Space Pirates}
    9.9K 265 15

    Join me on this adventure of love and romance as little Reader-chan finds herself in the clutches of the one and only Doflamingo. And he won't take no for an answer he's traveled to far for his Queen. But this Little Human is more than she appears to be. Unravel the mysteries of Reader and Doflamingo! Enjoy!!! I don...

  • One Piece x OC {My World or Yours?}
    16.2K 446 26

    Set in the real world with the characters being turned into kittens. Doflamingo will keep his 10 feet height I'll just have the girl's living in a house with tall ceilings. Since there were four girl's I just gave them all a name but feel free to choose the one that you like and insert your own name if you'd like. ~~~...