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  • Destruction ▸ Bucky Barnes [2]
    199K 7.6K 20

    ❝War-torn child, you know better than anyone how to cry in silence for things gone by and how to kill and kill without seeing their eyes. War-born child, you were made to hold brawls between your knuckles and bury old friends and old memories between your ribs.❞ ─ j.p. via tumblr pencap COPYRIGHT 2016 JASPERHAIE...

  • Demons ▸ Bucky Barnes [1]
    1M 27.5K 30

    ❝Warrior child, you carry such coldness in your veins. War-torn child, you carry such loneliness in your bones. War-born child, you carry such horror in your heart. Warrior child, you were born with legends breathing inside your name and history books waiting to trace your footsteps.❞ ─ j.p. via tumblr pencap COP...

  • Divided ♠️ Reddie
    158K 7K 66

    Worlds divided... What would happen if they collided?

  • The Collision Theory | Remus Lupin
    1.8M 74K 78

    They were reckless, she was not. They were loud, she was not. They were graceful, she had lost count of how many times she'd tripped on the stairs. Yet one fireplace and a blackmail-induced deal later, Aylin Novak ended up in the company of the Marauders. (Regular updates)

  • Carina Malfoy//h.potter
    414K 17.6K 31

    "You are a fool." she stated her big blue eyes soft and kind. He grinned in reply. ___________________________________________________ Wise men say Only fools rush in But I can't help Falling in love with you. ___________________________________________________ Harry Potter only saw stars in the eyes of Carina Malf...

  • Muggle | 𝐹𝑟𝑒𝑑 𝑊𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑙𝑒𝑦
    13.9M 741K 200

    {𝗕𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝟭} Lexi Hooper has been a Harry Potter fan since the very start. One day, Lexi and her friend decide to go to King's Cross station for a memorable cosplay. But what started as a joke, turns out to be both Lexi's dream and her nightmare. Just for a laugh, Lexi starts to run towards the wall between platform...

  • Fred and George and the Toilers of Trouble (Year 1) ✔
    711K 66.7K 199

    *★* FEATURED STORY & 2017 WATTYS WINNER!! *★* Preceded by rumors of their prophetic birth, pure-blood twins, Fred and George Weasley, follow in the footsteps of their three older brothers by attending a school for witchcraft and wizardry. All should be well...but from the moment they enter Hogwarts Castle, the identic...

  • The Killer Among Us
    2.2K 728 34

    Follow Jacob on his hunt to find whoever abducted his litter sister Aria, whilst battling the demons of his past. Will he make it in time to save her or will she fall victim to the notorious serial killer that torments their little hometown Carlisle? With her missing person's flyer in his pocket and a burning determin...