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  • The void's scream
    1.7K 39 7

    {Third book of the "Come Little Polska" series} If you had the chance to save someone from the same fate you had dammed another, would you do it? Follow Germany and his friends overcome obstacles and learn from each other. Watch them conquer the void's scream.

  • countryhumans | pure quality
    311K 8.1K 83

    > started 23rd april, '19. > 95% memes. > old but pretty much completed. > #2 in garbage

  • Behind Closed Doors
    4.8K 175 3

    Canada was normally the Happy-Go-Lucky type of country. Always keen on helping others the best he could. But what if like everyone else, he had a breaking point, but was closer to the ledge then he would let people believe. What if behind closed doors, he would always reveal the sides he always wanted to hide ? Wha...

  • Caged (Rusger) //On Hold//
    2.7K 186 4

    Rusger- a bit of Gerame- Mafia- uhhhh- yeah- toxic relationship too- enjoy-

  • ~The Nations~
    23.5K 802 14

    An old Enemy comes back with someone they seek. Will the nations be able to take down them once and for all, as their deepest secrets unravel? Find out...

  • Nice to mean- Countryhumans AU
    1.8K 70 4

    heavily inspired off of puddupup12 and others.Cover Picture is not mine.

  • The broken one (countryhumans)
    1.5K 42 7

    Nada goes on a roller coaster ride of emotions . As he experiences death, depression, fake friends, love, hate and sorrow.

  • Gullible (DISCONTINUED)
    1.5K 60 9

    Ok I'm not going to put a description of the book because this is so historically inaccurate I might as well say Mozart walked on the moon or something lmao. Let's just say this is a dark Canada au, but hes still himself.

  • Ice Cold
    337 23 4

    Rated M (mature) this is a not so lighthearted AU about if Quebec actually became their own country. SPOILERS . . . . . Canadas government slowly begins to crumble after the departure, but in countryhumans, Canada has his own plan in mind.

  • Angels Fly
    4.6K 163 9

    (Second book in the 'Come Little Polska' series) It had been a few weeks after the incident. Poland was yet to be found, would they even find him? The answer was eating Germany alive. If it wasn't for a nosy Russian maybe it would have eaten his soul entirely...

  • Come little Polska
    14.8K 418 10

    Poland heads home after a fun day with Britain, France, Germany, Russia and Israel. Plenty of trust games to go around. Poland reaches his home but... He swears he turned the lights off

  • State/Country/Cityhumans quotes
    282K 11.1K 200

    I'm bored. So I made this. Uh... Title is self explanatory. And that's all... Just read the book ig.

  • Random countryhumans scenarios I come up with
    35.4K 619 9

    It's literally in the damn title. I also mostly use pictures that inspired me. Pictures are not mine unless I say so.

  • The Runaway - CountryHumans - AU
    19K 497 30

    -IF THIS BOOK IS SEEN ON ANYWHERE BUT WATTPAD, IT HAS BEEN STOLEN- 13 Colonies (America) has a great connection with his father, England. But when a sweet child becomes a rebellious teen who feels no one listens to him or understands what he's going through. His father is stricter with America and forces him to stay i...

  • My friend(countryhumans)
    896 73 12

    North Korea's mother had just died and he needs to train hard to become the king and fight against his twin brother South Korea. He searches all of Asia, but instead of enrolling into private lessons from high level teacher,he finds himself watching the pure descendant of the biggest empire in a wrestling match, and b...