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  • But I Love You (Drarry ,fluff)
    560K 13.7K 30

    its the 4th year in hogwarts and Harry finds himself atracted to a perticular blond slytherin.

  • Moon-Eyed
    18.9K 466 1

    Draco Malfoy, Head of Veela Affairs at the Department of Magical Beings, does not do people favours. Harry Potter, recently turned werewolf, is not "people" - not to Draco anyway. Does Draco plan to fall in love with Harry when he decides to help him? No. Does he end up falling in love with him anyway? Pft, what do yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chin up or the crown will slip || Drarry
    142K 5K 20

    Harry has a crush on Draco for years but thinks Draco doesn't feel the same. They always argue. But before Harry leaves Hogwarts for the summer in 6th year- Draco tells him how he feels.. Harry is happy but also confused why... Read on to figure out what happens next!

  • Cunning Yet Kind [Draco/Harry]
    58.4K 2.6K 12

    When Harry Potter arrived to Hogwarts six years ago, he was sorted into Slytherin by the sorting hat. To say the professors and headmaster were shocked, along with the students watching, was an understatement. Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, was now rumored even more so then before to be a dark wizard as Tom Riddle o...

  • Nightmares (HP) (Drarry)
    5.2K 345 30

    Harry Potter, for reason unbeknownst to him, only gets a night without nightmares when he brushes hands with the one and only Draco Malfoy. Chaos ensues.

  • White Sheets in the Morning Sun (Drarry)
    3.4K 203 1

    Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years when he suddenly appears on stage in Hogsmeade's newest cafe. Harry is mesmerized, wanting to know where and how the boy who made all the wrong choices learned to sing like that, and for the first time, he feels something more than the vague fog of nothingness. Drarry Fanf...

    Completed   Mature
  • Protection (Drarry)
    307K 14.2K 21

    In the months after Voldemort's death, Draco Malfoy comes to live with Harry Potter under witness protection. But Draco seems somehow different, and Harry is determined to find out why and whether it is going to mean anything different for their relationship. Meanwhile, it seems the Golden Trio might have missed Volde...

  • The werewolf (darry)- updates will be slow
    16.8K 499 11

    Set in fifth year. Harry Potter always thought he was a normal wizard until he discovers his creature inheritance on his 15th birthday. All werewolves have mates and Harry's is not who he was expecting it to be. With he help of Remus and Sirius he also discovers who he truly is. Read to find out more. Disclaimer l:...

  • Feathers, Fire & Fate (Drarry)
    941 42 1

    Harry Potter ignites the Veela's Curse and gets an unwitting Draco Malfoy bonded to him as his executioner... and soulmate. They'll need to break it quickly, before it takes over, but Potter isn't the only one running out of time. The sand in the hourglass has nearly fallen, and whichever way this ends, Draco is doome...

    Completed   Mature
  • the veela and the vampire
    24.6K 624 9

    this story is adopted it is not mine. This is a story where Draco is Leela and Harry is a vampire. This is set in the 7th year. !!!ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!! Accomplishments #7 in drarry 6/17/20 #814 in Malfoy 5/12/20 #12 vampireharry 6/17/20

  • Drarry a siren story
    37.7K 1.6K 18

    This is a creatur story!!! ❤️❤️ Draco is a siren, he has known his whole life! What happens when he comes into his inheritance and has to find his mate? Harry is a wizard who lives with Sirius his godfather, he won the worst wizard (Voldemort) when just one years old! Harry and Draco are both going to their seventh...

  • My Sweet Mate (Drarry) •Book 1•
    99.9K 2.9K 22

    7th Year : Draco Malfoy is a Veela. He finds out when his Mother and Father finally tell him. On the other hand, Harry Potter is suffering from mental illness. Harry has never felt enough love in his life, and Draco must fix that. Dumbledore decides on the Triwizard Tournament, and Harry gets to be with Malfoy all the...

  • A Drarry fan fiction
    86.7K 2.4K 19

    TRIGGER WARNING ⚠ -Child abuse -Self harm -mention of suicide -mention of rape -very gay!!!!! *dumbledore, hedwig and snape are all still alive* After the battle of hogwarts, Harry goes back to the Dursleys. On an order from dumbledore, snape go's to check on Harry at 4 privt drive only to find out about harry's lit...

  • Drarry one shots
    42.7K 869 8

    Hello my lovelies this is a Drarry one shot about Draco and Harry (duh) and it starts off at level one up to level 100 It will start off small and get bigger and more hardcore as we go along ❤️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Draco is a bottom Harry is a top My story my rules I hope you all enjoy❤️💕

  • Like Clockwork
    18K 1K 5

    Draco has never been very good at trusting others, and Potter is no exception. But if they're going to survive this, they need to accept that they're holding each other's lives in their hands, and--worst of all--they're going to have to work together. Written for HD Erised 2017. Anonymous until Jan 8th, so I can post...

    Completed   Mature
  • Why? (Drarry)
    578K 21.4K 15

    When Draco confronts Harry about a prank that was played on the Slytherin, the boys realize that it might be time to unleash their pent up feelings. (Drarry) DISCLAIMER: The characters and the wizarding world in this story belong to J.K. Rowling. The plot and picture are my own.

  • Bittersweet (Drarry)
    82.4K 3.2K 18

    After the war, Snape disappeared from everyone except himself. He hides himself even from his own truths. The truth is, it was never Lily he loved, but James. Hatred was not was he felt in his heart for the The Boy Who Lived, but rather bitterness. He had to come to terms that the young boy was the spitting image of...

  • Lucius Malfoy's Revenge (Book 1)
    88.8K 4.2K 13

    Harry and Draco are having these strange feelings towards each other, and they don't know why... What will happen when Lucius Malfoy finds out? Will they make it out alive?

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Diary || Drarry
    36.4K 1.6K 13

    (Completed!!) Draco and Harry are shocked when they find out their friends Hermione and Pansy are dating. The two boys never got along well but now they will have to for their friends. They two soon become okay with one another and find it easy to be around the other. But that's when drama hits, pansy and hermione ar...

  • The Amortentia Trick (Drarry)
    272K 9.9K 21

    We all know and love Fred and George Weasley, but lately they feel as if their pranks have become stale, so what happens when they decide to slip some Amortentia into Harry's drink to make him obssessed with Draco? Only to find he acts the same way he does every day...

  • The Afflicted Pretty Boy ~ Book 3 of the Pretty Boy trilogy
    39.3K 2K 37

    He's lost his friends. He's lost his family. He's lost himself. Follow Draco through his last two years of Hogwarts and discover how this trilogy ends.

  • Hogwarts Pretty Boy- Sequel to Durmstrung Pretty Boy (2 of 3)
    49.8K 2.2K 26

    As Draco starts his first year at Hogwarts, he's most recent bond proves to be a liability. With the events of the previous year still floating in the Hogwarts air, Draco forms new friendships inside the Slytherin house. In the second book of this trilogy, bridges are built and destroyed. Draco must choose which ones...

  • Durmstrang's Pretty Boy- Drarry Fanfic~ Book 1 of 3 in The Pretty Boy Trilogy
    278K 10.1K 28

    Due to his mother's death, Lucius Malfoy demanded Draco went to Durmstang to learn the dark arts that aren't provided at Hogwarts. It wasn't until his fourth year that Draco ended up in Hogwarts with his best mate, Viktor Krum. It wasn't until his fourth year that he met The-Boy-That-Lived.

  • Harry's Vow
    1.5K 80 2

    Draco and Harry's wedding was on its way to their life, but one stupid fight between them postponed it. Harry left to clear up his mind, and Draco found his vow written on a piece of parchment, hidden in his robes drawer.

  • Intertwined- Drarry (Completed)
    12.5K 975 28

    When Mcgonnagal asked Harry Potter and his year to come back to Hogwarts to complete their education and take their N.E.W.Ts, to say Harry was excited would have been an understatement. With Voldemort dead he could finally enjoy a normal school year with his friends, not worried about somebody trying to kill him but...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidents Happen
    220K 8.5K 18

    When an incident causes the Slytherin dorm rooms to be destroyed, Draco Malfoy and his fellow Slytherins are temporarily placed in the other three Houses. And, as luck, or misfortune in this case, should have it, Draco just so happens to be placed in Gryffindor; home of the one and only Harry Potter. Can he survive li...

    Completed   Mature
  • House unity
    419K 13.5K 92

    Harry James Potter has noticed Draco Lucian Malfoy disappearing from time to time from classes just as Lupin had been. Soon Harry realizes that Malfoy may not be fully human.

  • s e r p e n t {a drarry fic}
    275K 10.8K 28

    bond /bänd/ a force or feeling that unites people; a shared emotion or interest. - 8th year! Hogwarts AU •includes boyxboy. If you are uncomfortable with that subject, I'd advise against reading• ~ Rated teen & up due to angst & a few mentions of mature subjects ~ Date started: April 28, 2019 Date completed: June 5, 2...

  • Lip Lock Jinx DRARRY
    123K 6.1K 4

    This one is not my story! The Lip-Lock Jinx, a jinx that renders the victim mute that can only be undone in two ways: if the caster reverses the spell on the victim, or if the victim serves the purpose of the jinx and kisses the person that they desire. It's just Harry's luck that he gets jinxed by Ginny Weasley and...

  • Somnio Salvus DRARRY
    959K 40.4K 24

    Author: Invisibabe Year six at Hogwarts, and Draco finds a way to spy on Harry's deepest fears. But will he use this knowledge to gain power over Harry, or to change his own destiny?