• Interview with the Vampire
    1K 37

    What starts out as a typical interview of Lilian VanSchattigdame, lead character from the Lori Ellis novel ‘Prettiest Vampire’, becomes a demonic free-for-all...

  • Bride of the Wolf
    26.2K 1K

    Best friends Larry Talbot and Steve Frank are touring Europe with a stop in Bistritz Romania, "Spook Central for the entire planet!" Together with their new fr...

  • Prettiest Vampire
    41.9K 1.4K

    Fates, Furies, Sirens, Harpies, call them what you will. Daciana and Ilinca were an ancient evil, and had been known by many names. They had always existed alo...

  • The Kiss
    442 20

    Contest entry for Samantha Young's On Dublin Street kiss contest. Describe the perfect kiss in 300 words or less. Sadly I was too late to enter, but now I hav...

  • Miss Shakespeare's Californian Life
    932 32

    Rosie Dryden was not ready to become a Californian. She knew that the moment that her mother announced the family's imminent uprooting from their comfortable C...

  • Ellis in Wattpadland
    9.3K 483

    Ellis in Wattpadland By Lori Ellis Wattpad author Lori Ellis is simply trying to get a bit of writing done on the weekend, when she gets sucked into Wattpad –...

  • Nicæa
    1.2K 114

    Three people with three different perspectives live through the First Crusade siege of Nicaea. Submission for Historical Fiction Spring 2013 Smackdown, Round...

  • Victory at Sea (a Vignette)
    1.1K 62

    A boy is knocked overboard during a naval battle.

  • Flying Wild
    81 4

    Angela Everwoods, just a girl who wanted to live a normal life, but that all changed when she discovered something is wrong with her the moment she set Gabriel...

  • Lady of Deep Waters (Early Draft) (A Free 'Verse New World Story)
    282 18

    Story by Jodi Ralston; Cover Design by CoverD, original stock photography by Marcus Ranum. Near death, Mr. Ayers stumbles across a statue-fountain of a lady i...