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  • love, sex, dreams - dreamnotfound
    2.2M 72K 37

    a gorgeous brunet catches clay's eye under the red strip club lights. ♡ dnf strip club au major content warning: includes smut and other sexual themes. - wc: 46744

    Completed   Mature
  • And Action (Gream / DreamNotFound)
    3.2M 75.7K 31

    [COMPLETED] --- [EDITED; no longer containing content with Technoblade] Dream, the most popular gay porn star. George, a poor young man who's part time bartender and part time thief. Dropped out of college so he can get a job to pay for the overpriced medical bills for his sick grandma, who's his only family. When...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coding His Heart // dreamnotfound
    2.4M 55.4K 27

    Two students struggling to keep their grades and pants up. Will this Florida man survive university in England? (DNF)

  • - ♡ DNF SMUT ♡ -
    1.8M 12.3K 47

    CURRENTLY ON HOLD ♡ ----------------------------‐----------------- This will be a book mainly with smut. I REPEAT THIS IS A BOOK OF SMUT!!! There most likely will be some fluff as well but again, mainly smut. I will write DNF as this is my main "ship" I may do others upon request. I WILL ACCEPT REQUESTS!!! If you wa...

  • Dreamnotfound/DNF Smutshots
    245K 2.6K 14

    Haha funny Minecraft men having sex go brrrrr

  • DNF oneshots
    113K 894 31

    Warning: It contains smut, like a lot of smut. There is some fluff and lime there don't worry. Fell free to read if you have nothing better to read.

    Completed   Mature