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  • Sword Art Online Gameverse x Reader
    199K 7.2K 144

    A gender-neutral Y/N is an introverted solo player who spends almost every moment they can grinding in the Fields of Aincrad. Y/N find themselves distancing further from the people they say they're fighting to free; but what happens when those people decide to close the distance and help Y/N come out of their shell. I...

  • Hu Tao x Reader - A Morbid Curiosity
    324K 7.9K 48

    A gender-neutral Y/N works for Dr Baizhu at Bubu Pharmacy alongside the young Zombie girl Qiqi but what confuses Y/N is that they have no memory of their time before working at the Pharmacy. And Liyue commerce is already quite competitive, but what happens when a particular business ends up having more interest in the...

  • Eula x Reader - Disgraced Yet Defiant
    27.9K 988 13

    This story features a Gender-Neutral Y/N Leaving behind the friends and life that they had finally found, Y/N then found themselves in the wild, alone and afraid. Scared to even interact with other humans as all experiences since Y/N's exile had been negative ones due to their now infamous reputation. But one day, whi...

  • Neo x Reader - Alone Wolf (RWBY)
    8.2K 237 11

    A gender neutral Y/N was nothing but an old folktale to the people of their village. So when an imminent threat of Grimm begin to approach, the village is abandoned and nobody even thinks to tell their folklore guardian that they are defending empty homes with their life. Several years later and the diligent Y/N still...

  • Priestess x Reader - Debt to an Angel (Goblin Slayer)
    1.7K 104 6

    A gender-neutral Y/N had been celebrating their coming of age amongst several others in their small village, but the celebrations were cut short upon the arrival of an unexpected threat: Goblins. Unfortunately for the village, there were none available who could truly defend the residents from this threat and a tremen...

  • Inazuma x Reader - Lost to Eternity
    21.4K 704 13

    A gender neutral Y/N has ended up in Inazuma after ending up adrift at sea as a result of their fight with Osial. There is currently a civil war going on between those in control and those who refuse to lie down and lose everything in the name of Eternity. Due to the nature of your arrival, and your status as an indiv...

  • Sword Art Online Gameverse One-Shots
    1.6K 68 3

    What if...? This is using the gender neutral character Y/N & the canon of my 'Sword Art Online Gameverse x Reader' story, however the events that transpire within this story will not be necessarily canon to said story. Instead this book will allow us to explore multiple different pathways that we could experience with...

  • Genshin Impact - One Shots & Small Stories
    12.6K 299 5

    There's a long list of characters in Genshin Impact, and an even longer list of potential scenarios they can be involved in! Explore Teyvat with me, as we interact with a wide range of characters in all manners of ways together. Be sure to leave any requests you may have in the first chapter, that's where I will be...